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The 5 Stages of Watching “Jane the Virgin”

The CW show, Jane the Virgin, proves to be groundbreaking by further promoting diversity and touching upon controversial topics such as immigration, citizenship, religion and even, artificial insemination. By shying away from stereotypes and empowering women of all races and color, Jane the Virgin has transformed society’s idea of telenovelas, while staying true to its Latino heritage. Telenovelas are known to be dramatic and romantic, however, this show is filled with plot twists and complications that easily change the whole dynamic of the season.

Spoiler alert! Its most shocking game changer to date, would have to be Michael’s death. Let’s be honest, we are still recovering. I don’t know about you, but throughout “Chapter Fifty-Four,” I was biting my nails, crying, and yelling at the screen. This is like the telenovela version of Game of Thrones, where no one is safe. If you are like us and are still in denial, here are five steps to help you know you are not alone.

1. “Awwww”

Each Jane the Virgin episode typically starts with a flashback of ‘young Jane’ or features the adorable ‘Mr. Sweet Face.’ The show likes to ease us into all its twists and turns.

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2. “Oh Rogelio”

Whenever we see Rogelio we can’t help but laugh. Every line this character says is quotable and relatable. Come on, he says what we are all thinking. The show would not be the same without him. #GoRo #RogelioMyBrogelio #VivadelaVega

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3. “Oh Snap”

This is where Petra comes in. TBH, she’s the character we all love to hate. She went from being our favorite villain to winning our hearts over. We all have a soft spot for her. This does not mean that we still don’t freak out when she appears. In her defense, it’s not her fault that bad things always happen when she’s around. This is when we know something is about to go down.

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4. “Heart Eyes”

This is probably everyone’s favorite phase. When Rafael shows up, preferably shirtless, we all forget how to breathe. Not only is he a great dad but he is also sweet and supportive. On top of that, he’s always wearing these tight shirts and shows off his cute smile! Talk about hormones.

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5. “WHAT?! BUT HOW?!?!?!?”

This phase usually takes place when we are watching the last ten minutes of the show. Of course, everything always happens at the end. They can’t see us happy, right? Here, we all cry, scream, bite our nails, lay there confused for a little bit and towards the end, we get curious to see what’s going to happen on next week’s episode.

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Can’t wait to get on this emotional roller coaster and do it all again next week.

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