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5 Safe Activities for College Students During Covid-19

1. Have a picnic in the park with your roomies!

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I don’t know about you, but I was shocked to see how many cute little parks were near my college campus. There is even one within walking distance of my house! On a day when Zoom classes are just not the move, grab your roomies, head to Trader Joe’s and pick out your absolute favorite snacks—grab the biggest blanket you have and head on down to the nearest park. I like to scope out all the best spots and choose a nice grassy area under some trees. If you want, you and your roommates could throw on a cute outfit and have a fun quarantine photoshoot at your picnic! Bonus points if there is a dog involved.

2. G.N.I

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G.N.O. has officially left the chat and girls night IN is here to stay. I know we all miss going out to our favorite restaurant on the weekends with the gals and going out after, but staying in is the next best thing. Trade your dresses for jammies and grab the remote because the night is just beginning. Chick flicks, cheese boards and chatting about guys! What more could you ask for?

3. Take a trip to the nearest beach!

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This idea might be harder if you’re in a land-locked area, but the beach is the perfect place to social distance while still having a blast. Grab your roommates, boyfriend, girlfriend or best buds and take a drive to the nearest beach. Don’t forget to pack the essentials: sunscreen, a speaker, towels and snacks! This quarantine idea is one of my favorites because it feels like a little getaway without actually having to go on vacation.

4. Try out a new restaurant (following social distancing guidelines, of course.)

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I know that going out in public might be a little scary at times but if you’re comfortable with it, try checking out a new restaurant in your college town. There are so many fan-favorite restaurants in my area that I have yet to check out. To be as safe as possible during your outing, make sure that they either offer outdoor seating or indoor seating with limited capacity. A lot of restaurants have eliminated menus and have started using QR scanner codes instead, so stay on the lookout for that. Read recent reviews online if you can. If going out to eat is still not ideal for you, take-out is always an option. Trying something new is never not exciting.

5. Start a new DIY project at home. 

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We have so much free time now more than ever. That means it’s time to take on one of the hundreds of at-home art projects we’ve saved on Pinterest. There are endless affordable ideas out there that are quick and easy and would look great in your dorm or apartment. Get crafty!

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