5 Reasons you Shouldn’t Hide your Political Preferences

In our current political climate, people who are on opposite sides of the political spectrum seem to always be at odds with each other.  Republicans are shamed for their beliefs and for our current president’s decisions while democrats are looked at as whiny and entitled and shamed for our former president’s decisions. As a college aged republican woman, I have been on the receiving end of these remarks, where I feel as if I shouldn’t share my point of view on an issue because of how someone might react. I think that feeling this way is completely ridiculous. No matter what side of the political spectrum you fall on, voicing your opinion should never be something to be afraid of, no matter what some people may think. I want to give all collegiette’s the 5 reasons why I believe in our first amendment right to freely speak about our political beliefs.

Courtesy: Angry Squirrel Studio

1. No two people have the exact same opinions on all things

As Americans, we are allowed to think out loud and voice our opinions, within or outside our preferred political party. I do not have the exact same views as some of my fellow Republican millennials do and that is ok.

2. Those who judge you for the party you belong to, are the issue

In the past year, I have learned that I am part of the minority on campus when it comes to political views. I have also learned that if someone is angered that I have a differing opinion than they do on a topic, then I don’t want to associate with them. Accepting outside ideas is what our country is built on and combining differing beliefs is why we are great.

3. Owning your beliefs can lead to new opportunities

Have a strong opinion on a certain topic? Talking about your opinions can help you find others who share similar view points, which can lead to finding clubs or groups for you to get involved in. Having a strong political preference can be an asset when trying to get involved with certain political figures and groups.

4. Owning what you believe can empower others

Just by owning the beliefs that you have, you can impact someone else. Even those who have different beliefs will respect you for not being afraid to speak your truth. And in doing so, maybe you can help someone else who has been afraid to voice their opinions.

5. Change never happened by keeping your mouth shut

By keeping your opinions to yourself, you are never going to see the changes that you want made. Voice your opinions, tell people why you feel the way you do, join groups that are fighting for the same things, volunteer for campaigns. By actively using your voice, you can make a difference.

In this day and age, our society has become so hostile to differing opinions. But we as millenials should learn to accept those differing opinions and be able to have discussions about these issues and find a middle ground. Speak out, use your voice and never let anyone tell you your feelings are wrong.