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5 Reasons To Watch Hollywood on Netflix

I feel like pretty much everyone, me included, spent a good portion of their quarantine binging whatever they could find on Netflix, but many missed the gold that is Hollywood. Ryan Murphy created yet another masterpiece that looks into the lives of aspiring actors, writers, producers and directors in post-World War II and how they claw their way into the business. Here’s why you should watch it: 

1. The Cast Is Outstanding

While many of the big names in the show, like Queen Latifah, are supporting characters, the entire cast gives an amazing performance from beginning to end. Dylan McDermott, who plays Ernie West, exudes the confidence of the pimp that he is while also showing a softer side that beautifully gives depth to his character. Jim Parsons plays Henry Wilson, a talent agent, and his performance demands that you hate his character. And we can’t forget about Laura Harrier. Harrier, who plays Camille Washington, fits the role of an aspiring black actress who will never put up with anyone who stands in her way so well. The entire cast really gives life to Ryan Murphy’s creation in a way that is so fascinating yet relatable.

2. Gives History the Rewrite It Deserves

This show, despite having historical figures in it, creates a more idealized version of what could have been if Hollywood was even slightly more diverse in the 40s. Many of the characters are a part of communities that have been continually marginalized by Hollywood, but in this show, they no longer stand for it. Archie Coleman, played by Jeremy Pope, is a black and gay screenwriter who eventually comes out to the world at large. Although he is still met with backlash, he was able to get his script out there which never would have happened back then.

3. Diverse Characters

Speaking of marginalized communities, this show does a better job than most at having a diverse group of characters. Gay men, both black and white, and black women are the heart and soul of the show. While this isn’t the most diverse group, it still is important to note the diversity that even 20 years ago wouldn’t be common to see.

4. Puts a Spotlight on Issues That Remain in Hollywood Today

Hollywood touches on so many different hard and almost taboo topics throughout the entire series. Sexual Harassment in the workplace, racism, sexism and homophobia in film, and so much more. It is meant to give us a glimpse into the past, but it is also a mirror on the present and how these issues still continue today.

5. Old Hollywood Aesthetic 

If nothing else convinces you to watch this show, then watch it because of the glamour that is the old Hollywood aesthetic. I know I have already pointed out plenty of things wrong with old Hollywood, but one thing they had right was the look. This show has that look perfected from the costumes to the hair to the accents, everything about this show screams Hollywood glamour. You can live out your glamorous fantasy from your own home with this show. 

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Olivia is an English: Editing, Writing, and Media major at Florida State University. If there isn't a hockey game on, she can be found watching Netflix or listening to music with her friends.
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