5 Pairs of Sunglasses Every College Girl Needs to Own

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Let’s face it, we wear a lot of outfits in college. Between classes, social events and hanging out with your best girlfriends, there’s always a reason to get dressed and feel great. Adding a pair of sunnies to an outfit can take your look from zero to 100 real quick. But which ones do you choose? Don’t worry, Her Campus and Zenni Optical have you covered. With options that are chic and affordable (#BallinOnABudget) Zenni has a frame for every occasion.


A Pair That Goes with Anything

Every college #girlboss keeps a good pair of neutral sunglasses in her car or backpack. They always match what you’re wearing making them the perfect accessory to grab when you’re in a rush. Pairing them with a slicked-back ponytail is a go-to look for any business-ready babe.

Courtesy: Her Campus FSU


A Pair That Shows Off Your School Spirit

What better way to rep garnet and gold on game day than a pair of stylish sunnies? Those noon games are killer, but with the right pair of sunglasses you’ll look and feel amazing – even if your football team doesn’t.


A Pair for When You’re Feeling a Little EXTRA

For those days we want a little more attention, a pair of glasses that are just as bright and bold as you are is a must. Wear them with a monochromatic outfit for the ultimate statement piece or match them to your lipstick to tie your whole look together.


Courtesy: Melizza Black


A Pair to Hide Behind

A long night of studying (or partying) may leave you with dark circles in the morning. Rather than cover them up with coats on concealer, wear a pair of sunglasses! Extra-large frames and hoop earrings can easily turn overwhelmed and sleep-deprived into trendy and motivated.


Courtesy: Melizza Black


A Matching Pair with Your Bestie

What’s better than being fashionable? Being fashionable with your favorite girl! You can match by color, style, or personality and share secrets behind your stylish frames. Name a better #girlgang, we’ll wait.


Courtesy: Melizza Black


Zenni offers a variety of sunglasses, prescription glasses and even blue-light blocking glasses on their site all at prices perfect for the college girl budget. So, no matter what the occasion, you can find the right pair for YOU.