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5 Musicians from Abroad to Add to Your Fall Playlist

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Within the past couple of years, a whole slew of artists from abroad have made their way to the radio stations and Spotify playlists of America. Lorde is from New Zealand, Hozier is from Ireland and Tove Lo is from Sweden. However, these are only a few of the artists that we know and love who have made a name for themselves in the States. Many others are steadily making their way over. This trend of assimilating music from foreign countries into our own country is important; doing so introduces new musical and lyrical concepts and adds to the quilt of diversity in our country. Read on to find out more about a few musicians from abroad who are worth checking out!

Jake Bugg

Courtesy: The Telegraph

Song to listen to: “Simple As This”

Reigning from the UK, it’s somewhat surprising that Jake Bugg’s voice is reminiscent of US-born legend Bob Dylan. It’s even more surprising that the singer-songwriter is only 21 years old, yet his voice resonates with timeworn wisdom and primal simplicity. In addition to making music, Bugg has also modeled for Burberry and studied music technology at college, though he dropped out to focus on playing gigs.


Courtesy: Poolbar

Song to listen to: “Jetzt”

You don’t need to understand the language he speaks to vibe with this German rapper’s music. This panda mask-wearing, clothing-designing, platinum artist is huge in Germany. In fact, his 2012 album Raop (a combination of “rap” and “pop”) reached the number one spot on both German and Austrian music charts. CRO’s most distinguishable characteristic is that he attends all press interviews and performances with a panda mask covering his face.

Years & Years

Courtesy: Popology Now

Song to listen to: “Shine”

This English synth pop band, dubbed a peppier version of Disclosure, makes music just as great as their backstory. The trio started with two guys who met after looking online to start a band, and was completed after they heard the final member singing in the shower at a friend’s house. Sometimes, chance is the most beautiful thing; the band’s 80s/90s club pop sound has earned them impressive recognition. Years & Years won the BBC Music Sound of 2015 Award earlier this year, and their latest critically acclaimed album, Communion, dropped in July.

The Wanton Bishops

Courtesy: Klakson

Song to listen to: “Shake”

Deep, raspy and emotional, this Lebanese group embodies “rocking out” in every aspect of the term. It’s hard to believe that the sound is produced by only two people. Their music gives you confidence that makes you just want to suck it up and do whatever that thing is that you’re too scared to do. Their hit “Sleep With The Lights On” was featured in Classic Rock Magazine’s Best of 2015 compilation and also received praise from Rolling Stone Magazine. These guys are worth keeping an eye on.


Courtesy: MTV Hive

Song to listen to: “Something Good”

Leeds-born indie rock band alt-J (whose sound is so unique that it’s almost painful to label it) has garnered well-earned appreciation over here in the States recently. With performances at major music festivals such as Lollapalooza and Bonnaroo, alt-J has gained quite the following. Luckily, that hasn’t limited their inimitably ethereal and haunting sound. The amazingness doesn’t stop at their instrumentals and lyrics; their videos are equally breathtaking. Check out the video for “Something Good,” linked above, as well as the two (yes, two!) music videos for my personal favorite, “Every Other Freckle” – there’s the “girl” version and the “boy” version.

Sarah Christine Davis is a junior at FSU who frequently has to use her middle name so as not to be confused with the millions of other girls who have the most basic first and last name combination ever. She is double majoring in Editing, Writing, & Media and Media & Communications Studies and, believe it or not, one day wants to work in the media. In her spare time, she comes up with ways to have a friendship as perfect as Amy Poehler and Tina Fey's, daydreams about creating a cat park in her home town (dog parks are so discriminatory), and updates her LinkedIn and Online CV profiles. 
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