5 Major Things You Missed in 2017

When you look back on 2017, there are certainly a number of things you will remember. With so much going on last year, it was easy to overlook some of the more underrated hits. Here are the 2017 staples you might not have heard of, but definitely don’t want to leave behind!

1. HAIM’s Something to Tell You

Courtesy: iTunes

This dynamic trio FINALLY returned four years after their debut album, Days Are Gone, was released. The much-anticipated return of HAIM, composed of sisters Alana, Daniele and Este, did not fail to disappoint the band's loyal followers. This album tackles all the post-break up feels while mixing in some serious Fleetwood Mac vibes. Nothing is dreamier than a 70s groove and genuine female empowerment.

2. Netflix’s GirlBoss

Courtesy: IMDb

Chronicling the challenging rise of Sophia Amoruso, creator of clothing brand Nasty Gal, this Netflix hit encompasses what it’s like to be a young, broke woman who is not entirely sure of what she should be doing with her life (relatable). Britt Robertson plays the unsuspecting heroine Sophia and shows us that it’s ok to not have adulthood figured out. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll want to steal her wardrobe and you’ll DEFINITELY be inspired to be your own #girlboss after watching this gem of a show. 

3. Atomic Blonde

Courtesy: Georgia State Signal

Charlize Theron is nothing short of the ultimate female superhero you dreamed of being your entire life in this action-packed film. The movie takes place in divided Germany during the late 80s, right before the Berlin Wall was torn down. The combination of spies, drama, romance and 80s music will take you on an adventure AND make you wish you could be as cool as Charlize (as if we didn’t already wish that.)

4. Anne-Marie

Courtesy: Alamy

If you haven’t heard of this British singer-songwriter, then you need to get with the program! Not only can she sing, but her style is also drool-worthy and will definitely inspire you to pull off those edgy outfits you have hiding in the back of your closet. Her music features classic pop song beats, killer vocals and empowering lyrics to help you get through all your feels. Not to mention, she was Ed Sheeran’s opening act on his Divide tour (and why would we ever doubt Ed’s judgment?) Anne-Marie is definitely one to watch in 2018, with her debut album coming just around the corner! 

5. NBC's The Good Place

Courtesy: NBC

This hilarious TV show follows Eleanor Shellstrop, played by everyone’s favorite Kristen Bell, as she tries to navigate the after-life. In the show, Eleanor ends up in NBC’s version of Heaven called “The Good Place.” The only problem is, Eleanor was definitely NOT a good person throughout her life. Now, she must atone for the mistakes she made while she was alive in order to prevent chaos from breaking out. This show will have you laughing hysterically while also subconsciously trying to be a nicer person to ensure that you end up in your own “Good Place” someday.