5 Dark Dramas on Netflix to Binge-Watch

It is no secret that this column is a little skewed toward the comedic pieces Netflix has to offer. So to recognize this, I have compiled a list of some of my favorite darker drama shows the site has to offer. Dark dramas are interesting and compelling and there is certainly no shortage of them. Now, this is by no means a complete list of dramas available on Netflix but it’s a start. Here are some of my favorites and some of the most critically acclaimed dark dramas you can binge today:

1. Ozark

I want you to picture Jason Bateman as an accountant. Now I want you to picture him laundering money for one of the toughest drug cartels in Mexico and that drug cartel forcing him and his family to move to the middle of nowhere. That’s the premise of this show. Its plot takes turns and the rawness of the characters is compelling. It’s a little slower but keeps you engaged. 

2. Twin Peaks

This show is a classic from the 90s. Your parents have probably talked about it but that’s not a bad thing. The show follows an FBI agent who has been sent to the town of Twin Peaks to solve a murder. It’s a small town murder mystery series that takes eerie turns. The show only has two seasons but honestly, it’s a bit spooky, so you might want to take some breaks.

Courtesy: Wikipedia

3. House of Cards

If you haven’t heard of this show at least once, you may not have been paying to pop culture these past few years. As one of Netflix’s first original shows it pulls out all the stops. Following an emotionally unavailable and cold-hearted DC power couple, you follow the Underwoods as they take on the most coveted position in the land, the office of the President. 

4. Sherlock 

This British drama has made this list because of its intricately woven plot and psychological deception. The episodes are longer, about an hour and thirty minutes each but there are only 13 of them. A modern take on the classic tale of Sherlock Holmes, this show can sometimes leave you with a lot more questions than answers.

Courtesy: BBC America

5. How to Get Away with Murder

You may know this show because it plays every Thursday on ABC, but it’s also on Netflix. The show follows a law professor and her five interns. And as the title suggests, there is some murder. The show frequently uses flashback and flash forward to tell the story and thicken the plot. It also has Viola Davis who won an Emmy for her role in the series.