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40 Reasons Why Publix Deserves All the Awards

It’s no secret Publix is the best grocery store to ever touch down on the face of this modest planet. Although Publix only exists in the southeastern region, no other grocery store can compare to the diverse array of products and awesome customer service that Publix provides. If you’re just learning about this holy grail of grocery stores or you’ve been a devoted customer for as long as you can remember, here are 40 reasons why Publix is and always will be one of our greatest loves. 

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1. In Tallahassee alone, there are 10 stores to satisfy all of your grocery shopping needs

2. The Publix brand sweet tea is simply awesome

3. Their lemonades are pretty great too

4. You can purchase ready-to-go, fresh made sushi on the daily

5. Publix offers some of the best customer service you will ever experience

6. The subs are everything you could ever want and more

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7. Speaking of subs, Publix offers easy online ordering for both the deli and bakery

8. Have you seen the holiday commercials???

9. Besides Publix offering positions to those as young as 14, there’s great potential for promotion from within

10. You’re bound to find a BOGO deal on something you love

11. Every store is exceptionally clean

12. Every store is also extremely well-organized

13. Publix is a Fortune 500 Company

14. Publix is also the largest, employee-owned grocery chain in the United States

15. Who can forget that iconic green color?

16. Club Pub is one of the only places in Tally where you don’t have to pay for Saturday night cover

17. Get all of your prescriptions filled at one of their many pharmacies

18. Publix offers surcharge-free ATMs to their vast number of network members through Presto!

19. Publix is a proud supporter of youth soccer

20. You can always find a deal on crab legs ;)

21. Publix brand items are really great, if not better (and cheaper) than the brand names themselves

22. Two words: CHICKEN TENDERS

Courtesy: Food Spotting

23. Score some delicious free samples from the Publix Aprons booth

24. If you love the free samples, then you’ll enjoy the variety of cooking classes that Publix offers

25. The employee uniforms are always on point

26. You can never have enough of those reusable bags

27. The bakery offers some of the best desserts around

28. If you have a cat or dog, Publix has the club (and coupons) for you

29. The Boar’s Head deli meats and cheeses

30. Shopping is actually a pleasure

31. Item out of stock? Publix offers rain checks valid for 30 days

32. Publix GreenWise offers a wide selection of organic, earth-conscious products

33. With brown shelf tags, Publix also makes it super easy to find other products in store made with organic ingredients

34. If you purchase fresh seafood, Publix will gladly cook and season it for you at no extra cost

35. Can we talk about the cookies?

36. Feel free to weigh yourself on one of those Toledo scales

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37. As an employee of Publix, you may be eligible for tuition reimbursement

38. Returns are easy and hassle-free

39. Publix has also consistently been named one of Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” since 1998

40. Let’s be real. If we’re talking Tennessee Street, it’s either this or Walmart

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