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36 Things You’ll Understand If You’re From Jacksonville, FL

For those who don’t know, Jacksonville, also known as the 904 or Duval, is the largest city in the United States in terms of land. That being said, living here is an experience like no other. There are so many different communities and neighborhoods under one roof, yet we all collectively seemed to live the same lives growing up. Here are some things you’ll probably only understand if you lived it with us.

  2. You’re from Jacksonville?! …but like… where?
  3. Driving 30 minutes across town is considered a short trip.
  4. You can’t go to the beach without encountering a group of snowbirds.
  5. Voting on First Coast News for the camera crew to be at your high school’s football game that week.
  6. Wondering if the construction will EVER be over???
  7. Parking at the Town Center… never going to happen.
  8. Going to St. Augustine for every third-grade field trip.
  9. Taking all your homecoming/prom pictures on the St. Johns.
  10. How driving around is considered hanging out because there is nothing else to do.
  11. Feeling “cultured” after visiting the Riverside Arts Market once.
  12. Always seeing your friends that go to UNF posting about Wine Wednesday.
  13. Going out to Mavs whenever you come home for a weekend.
  14. TPC is just an excuse to get day-drunk while wearing Lily Pulitzer.
  15. The three types of private school kids: old money, new money or Catholic.
  16. Not wanting to drive over the Buckman Bridge for at least the first six months after you get your license.
  17. Having a love/hate relationship with the Jags.
  18. Rita’s at the beach.
  19. ~Almost~ being Hollywood.
  20. Trying to drive downtown is a FAT NOPE.
  21. It’s all about the UNF house parties since we have all of two clubs downtown.
  22. You can be a beach girl, a city girl and a country girl all in the same ten-mile radius.
  23. Having to wake up at 5 a.m. to watch the sunrise over the beach.
  24. Taking prom pictures at Friendship Fountain and the mosaic under the Main Street Bridge.
  25. Ponte Vedra and St. Johns County are part of Jax… but also not?
  26. 904 is more than an area code, it’s a lifestyle.
  27. “We live where you vacation!”
  28. That house on Beauclerc that always goes HARD with their Christmas lights.
  29. Getting drunk at The Landing to celebrate any minor holiday.
  30. San Marco, Mandarin, Atlantic Beach, Arlington, Avondale, Orange Park, Riverside, Neptune Beach, Julington Creek, Fernandina Beach, Jacksonville Beach, the list goes on!!!!
  31. Only knowing the North Side as ‘the North Side.’
  32. Going to Five Points to satisfy your inner Tumblr babe and thrift, eat overpriced artisan foods, and take cute pics in front of the mural.
  33. Hammocking on the weekends at the public parks with your friends.
  34. If you didn’t pull up at the Avenues Mall dressed head to toe in Aeropostal with your squad you were NOT considered an “it girl” of middle school.
  35. Beach Road Chicken.
  36. Driving the entirety of San Jose Blvd, Phillips Highway or A1A.
Lauren graduated from FSU in the spring of 2021. She is now an Associate Communications and Employee Engagement consultant at Forty1, a division of The Creative Engagement Agency. While at HCFSU, Lauren served as a content writer, content editor, managing editor, and editor in chief. HCXO!
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