2Cellos: The Modern Day Ying and Yang

Courtesy: Sasha Polissky

On Feb. 6, the dynamic duo known as 2Cellos graced Ruby Diamond Auditorium with their presence and as Stjephan Hauser so eloquently exclaimed in his Croatian accent, "it was very beautiful!" 2Cellos is a Croatian cello duo, comprised of classically trained Luka Šulić and Stjephan Hauser. However, they are far from classical. Šulić and Hauser push themselves and their instruments past their breaking points, playing an electrifying lineup of the top pop and rocks jams that we all grew up blasting in the car with our friends.

“It was a breathtaking experience from a modern classical perspective. 2Cellos displays a performance that would be an amazing experience no matter how young or old the audience is,” said senior finance student David Akopyan.

The prodigies first met at a master class while they were in their teens. At first they were rivals, constantly competing against each other but they finally decided to do the world a service and combine their amazing talents. After the release of their cover of "Smooth Criminal," they became an instant hit on YouTube and signed a record label with Sony Masterworks, prompting the release of their first album including covers of songs by U2, Guns N' Roses, Nine Inch Nails, Sting, Coldplay, Nirvana, Muse, and Kings of Leon. Since then they have released two more albums, entitled In2ition and Celloverse, inviting the fans in on the wild ride.

“As someone who plays both classical and pop music with friends, and appreciates the merits of both musical worlds, 2Cellos is a match made in heaven. They have a perfect blend of old and new, tradition and revolution,"  said junior biochemistry student Devon Leigh. "Their stage performance is exceptional in all aspects. And the way they play off each other, both in music and humor, is so dynamic. It’s the perfect harmony."

2Cellos creates an act that is simultaneously hilarious and tear jerking with their powerful renditions of chart-topping songs. In their performances, each adds their own creative spin with Šulić gearing more towards the classical persona while Hauser adds comedy to the mix, serenading the ladies of the audience with covers such as “With Or Without You.” When playing live, the energy they exude to the crowd is simply indescribable. By the end of their concert, the entire venue was on their feet singing “(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction,” which in fact left everyone oh so satisfied with the masterpiece that fell before them.

“2Cellos loved performing in Tallahassee as they thought the fans were amazing, Ruby Diamond Concert Hall was first-class and our staff and crew were great to work with,” said Florida State University Director of Opening Nights Performing Arts Christopher Heacox. Tallahassee loved having you and eagerly awaits your return, 2Cellos!

Want to join Luka Šulić and Stjephan Hauser’s Celloverse? Check out their YouTube channel and website for former live performances and ingenious covers of top hits that will be sure to keep you satisfied until the next time the duo comes to town.