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20 Gifts Your Friends Will Never Know Are Under $20

It can be tough to have a lot of friends during the holidays because that means giving away a lot of gifts. Luckily for you, you can impress everyone with these lovely ideas on this list that will cost you $20 or less while looking a lot pricier!

1. A Stylish Clutch

This orange clutch bag with a ring pearl detail will definitely add a touch of color to an all-black evening outfit. It's from ASOS for $19.


2. A Velvet Mini Emergency Kit

A mini and chic velvet bag that has all the essentials every fashionista needs on-the-go, from Pinch Privisions for $18

3. A Set of Masks

Everyone loves sheet masks. This set of five moisturizing ones will be a perfect gift for that friend who has to survive finals week – trust me. Get these at Lapcos for $14.


4. A Set of Succulents

Even if you and your friends aren't the biggest plants fans ever, you'll love them! These little plants are the best of both worlds: cute and hard to kill. From Urban Outfitters for $20. 


5. A Pink Citron Candle

For all those candle lovers, this candle has rich colors adorning the packaging that reflects the inspiration for the aroma inside. Find it at Volupsa for $18.

6. A Cute Nail Polish

This nail polish will look as good on their package as it does on their hands. Plus this color is on trend! By Smith & Cult for $18.

7. A Relax Essential

These natural hot baths are designed to help you "sweat out the bad and soak in the good.” Each one of these effervescent hot bath blends encourages detoxification and purification so it's the perfect gift for those workaholic friends. Find them at Anthropologie for $15. 


8. A Nice Luggage Tag

This navy blue tag with floral print is perfect for those traveler friends who can’t keep up with their luggage from Bando for $10.

9. A Set of Inspirational Pencils

Why not pump your co-worker’s day with some inspirational phrases? These pencils will save you the time to write sticky notes for them. Uncommon Good $12. 

10. A Pineapple Bottle Opener

Add a unique accessory to your friend’s bar with this gold pineapple bottle opener that will make drinks even more fun to open. Shopbop $15. 

11. A Must Have Mascara

Too Faced’s bestseller mascara comes this season packaged in a festive ornament to help your friend’s makeup tree look pretty. Who wouldn’t love makeup for Secret Santa? Too Faced $12. 


12. An Earring Organizer

If you have that type of friend who's always leaving their studs all around their apartment, this is essential. This simple copper organizer will help them keep their studs in the same place. Urban Outfitters $19. 


13. A Soft Sleep Mask

Trying to get those 8 hours of sleep is hard nowadays. For those friends who barely get enough hours of sleep, get them this soft sleep mask to help them fall asleep faster. ASOS $8. 


14. A Mini Brush Set

Have another makeup lover friend? On-the-go beauty just became cuter with this mini pink brush set that has everything you need for a quick touchup. Urban Outfitters $10.

15. A Wine Glass

Just in case your friend needs a reminder and a glass of wine after a long day of work. Easy Tiger $14. 


16. A Laptop Case

This marble case is the chic-est laptop case you could possibly find. Plus, who doesn’t love laptop cases? Amazon $18.

17. A Perfume Oil

This petal perfume smells just as good as it looks so your friend can smell like rose petals with one swipe of this. Urban Outfitters $18.


18. A Pair of Cozy Socks

Especially with this cold weather approaching us who wouldn’t love cozy socks? I already have three pairs. Nordstrom $10. 

19. A Microwave Popcorn Popper

For all those friends who can’t handle the oil getting out of the popcorn… think of the crunchy popcorn coming out from this handy microwave device. Futuristic isn’t it? Ecolution $14. 

20. A Prisma Picture Frame

Every memory deserves a beautiful frame like this. Umbra $15. 

Peruvian and with 18 years old, she is a junior at Florida State University majoring in Communication and minoring in Recreation and Events. She loves everything related to fashion and photography; and after graduation she aspires to put her skills and attitudes to work at a major fashion publication. Follow her on Instagram @valeeriva.
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