The 17 Stages of Going Out

*Her Campus FSU does not promote illegal behavior and encourages all students to make smart, healthy decisions. This article does not represent the views of Her Campus FSU.

It’s no surprise that going out comes with the territory of going to college so these stages can sometimes be too relatable. It’s safe to say that we’ve all experienced these at least once before, during or after a wild night in Tallahassee.

1. Contemplation 

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It’s a weekday, you have an 8 A.M. lecture tomorrow morning and you’re asking yourself the all-important question of, “should I go out tonight?” The answer – “Hell yeah I am! Is that even a serious question?”

2. So... where are we actually going tonight? 

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*Looks through all forms of social media to check out potential free entry possibilities and “ladies drink free” promotions*

3. What shall I wear?

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My room was clean, but then I had to decide what to wear. Sorry not sorry.

4. The Gathering 

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5. The Pre-Game

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The No. 1 rule of pre-game: Shot, burn, chase, repeat.

6. Getting Hype

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*Pulls up ‘Turnt’ playlist on Spotify and blasts throughout the apartment* Makes sure that the next song on the queue is “Work” by Rihanna because that’s always a mood setter.

7. The Photo Shoot

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*Turns self into a professional photographer to document the night, remember what you did and have the best Instagram post(s) for the next day”

8. The Commute

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The pregame is over and it’s officially time to start the night by making your way over to the club, house party or frat. It might be a little bit of a struggle, but each differently promises a good laugh or two…or three.

9. The Club/Frat/House Party

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The main event is here so grab your girls (or some random guy – who cares?) and dance till you just can’t any more.

10. Losing (and re-finding) a member of the squad that managed to drift off

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*Calms self from momentary heart attack - finds out she’s fine and just wandered to the bathroom*

11. Texting Your Ex 

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*Takes phone frantically away from friend, tells her she’ll thank you later, but it’s too late…the “I miss you” text was sent*

12. The Inevitable Fast-Food Run

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That part of the night when the Den on campus, or McDonalds by the Strip, starts to look like a world-renowned five-star restaurant because all you’re craving is something tremendously greasy and fried.

13. The Endless Walk Home

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Sometimes this part of the night (and the funniest memories) can be from the walk/ride in the Night Nole home.

14. Sleep!

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Who cares if I look like a raccoon in the morning? I’m taking off my shoes and diving straight into bed - ASAP!

15. The Hangover 

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My head is pounding, the outside world is way too bright for me to handle and I’ve been thinking about a nap since the moment I opened my eyes. The struggle is too real.

16. Story Time

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*Group chat explodes with photos and stories from last night that slowly piece together what you and your friends did the previous evening*

17. Repeat 

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I might have the hangover from Hell and regret some decisions that I made from the night before, but some of the best college memories are from your night out with your friends. So why not continue it into the weekend?

Remember that even though going out is fun to please drink responsibly. Everything is good with moderation.