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15 Weird Things That Only FSU Students Get Excited About

In Tallahassee, we pride ourselves on being ridiculous and we succeed with that.  So you can say that the things we get excited for at Florida State are probably very different than other schools. So, I present to you fourteen of the most random things that only FSU students look forward to.  We basically live for these things. If you’re reading this and you don’t live in Tallahassee, you might think we are insane—just know that we are.  


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1. When there’s a prebander at the pregame

Because everyone thinks they’re too good for a line at the door.


2. When the “church” by pots gives out free hot dogs on Thursdays

We don’t know them, but we appreciate them.


3. When the bar sells Four Lokos

Pot’s, you’re the real MVP.


4. BOGO y-bombs

Because we invented them.


5. Rescheduling a holiday

A.K.A Fake St. Patty’s Day


6. Jumping in a fountain

Doing it only on your birthday is a myth, but it is a right of passage for your 21st. 


7. Happy Hour

We skip our Friday classes for this and it’s only the pregame.


8. Charlie’s Food Truck

Stumbling out of Standard to realize Charlie is the only man you need.


9. Getting Iced

If you don’t do it, you will be exiled.


10. Talloween

We invented a word for our favorite holiday, which is actually a week long celebration. 


11. Making it to a football game

There’s nothing we brag about more than actually making it to the stadium on game days.


12. A seat at the library with an outlet

It’s every man for himself at Strozier


13. Seeing your Tinder matches at the bar

The best time to introduce yourself is when you won’t remember it the next day.


14. Derdsday

We wouldn’t even miss it for a hurricane.


15. Making it safely down the stairs from Recess

Making it to the bottom of two flights of stairs is a miracle. 

Florida State University junior, just winging it.
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