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15 Thoughts You Have When Throwing a House Party

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

*Her Campus FSU does not promote illegal behavior and encourages all students to make smart, healthy decisions. This article does not represent the views of Her Campus FSU.

Throwing your own house party always seems like a good idea in theory, but is it really? There are benefits, like being able to go upstairs if you’re ready to crash, but they also have some downfalls, such as someone throwing up in your ficus. Here are 15 thoughts you may have had when throwing a house party:

1. We should have a party this weekend. 

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On second thought, maybe not. 

2. We’re too poor for this

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But what mom doesn’t know won’t hurt her. 

3. It’s already 11 p.m., no one’s coming…

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Maybe it’s time for sleep? 

4. *11:15* Where did all these people come from?

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Turn down for what, I guess! 

5. Wait, can I hide in my room all night? 

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It seems safer in there. 

6. Who touched the aux cord? 

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A playlist was made for a reason.

7. Why are there pretzels all over the floor?

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I just bought those. Can you not? 

8. Were you raised by animals? 

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No, but really? 

9. Why did I think this was a good idea?

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Not sure because it clearly wasn’t. 

10. When did I get this drunk?

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That punch is stronger than I thought. 

11. Yasss, Work by Rihanna is on. 

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The party has officially started.

12. Did someone say shots? 

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13. I am Rihanna.

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And no one can stop me.

14. We have to clean this in the morning… great. 

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For now, that is tomorrow’s problem.

15. This was fun, now please get out of my house. 

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You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here. 

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