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What to Wear for a Winter Girls’ Night Out

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

I love, love, love going out… when it’s above 65 degrees outside and I can walk to the bars without wearing a jacket. With the winter bringing in cooler temperatures, I’ve been a bit more hesitant when it comes to accepting plans. But instead of waiting until spring rolls around for a G.N.O. (girl’s night out), I’ve decided to rethink (some) of my outfit options. 

Before sharing my more helpful fashion choices, I would first like to state that if you’re able to go out in a crop top and jeans in 40-degree weather, go for it! I’ve survived nights out like this, and I’m always in awe when I see another girl taking this risk. To be fair, if your destination is a sweaty nightclub, it might be better to leave the coat at home.

miniskirt and high boots

My favorite winter look to wear out that works at nearly every venue consists of heeled black leather boots, not necessarily thigh-high, but at least up to the knee. Platform boots are also in style, but not the focus of this look. I’m talking about the ones that have been trending all season. I know you know. I love to pair these with a mini skirt and my black leather jacket. 

Some of you may still be skeptical, wondering how a skirt counts as winter fashion. When paired with the high boots, I promise it is. You can add tights if you want that extra layer and it also makes for an accessory that isn’t often indulged in during the warmer months. Miniskirts and high boots are in this season. 

leather jacket

The dropping temperatures don’t mean your favorite crop top needs to go into hibernation. It just means you need to keep your arms crossed until you get to the club or find the perfect jacket. As previously mentioned, mine is my black leather jacket. It’s thick, stylish, and has some secret pockets — it’s perfect for nights out. It matches with jeans and miniskirts, and I could also wear a long sleeve or a crop top underneath. So many options! When I search “what jackets to wear while going out,” I’m instantly greeted with images of varying colors and styles of leather jackets. Find one that suits you!


Layering is always a fun fashion tip because, in this instance, it provides warmth but also the ability to transform a basic two-piece outfit into a more stylish, complex creation on your body. You could layer tights under a skirt or a fun tee over a tight long sleeve! This layering trend is something all of the frat guys have hopped on years ago. Haven’t you noticed all of the sweatshirts with either a flannel or a jersey over it? It’s time we showed them how it’s properly done. 

With all of these concrete recommendations, we need to take a beat for the considerations. If the only time you will be outside during the night is on your way in, I personally wouldn’t stress too much about dressing for the cold. This is where you tap into “being cold is just a mindset.” However, if you’re going to a bar that’s half outside, the puffer jacket is more than welcome to make an appearance. You could even opt for a beanie if it matches the fit. All in all, make sure you know what venue you’re going to, or at least which one you’re starting at.

I couldn’t recommend better winter staples than high black boots and a leather jacket, both styled to your choosing, in combination with some layers. I hope you consider these tips next time you find yourself hopelessly staring at your closet. But if you don’t, huddling with your besties is a great alternative!

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