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Why You Should Go to Every FSU Soccer Game You Can

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

In the world of sports at Florida State University (FSU), it’s clear that attention usually falls on the football team. But allow me to turn your attention to the other football teams — more specifically, the FSU women’s soccer team. In case you didn’t know, the FSU women’s soccer team is really good. After their latest win against the University of Miami on Sept. 29, they have procured an undefeated record of 7-0-1 and the No. 2 spot in the entire nation. Our women’s soccer team is arguably one of the most underrated teams in the whole school, and their games deserve just as much attention as our football team receives. Here are four reasons why you should go to an FSU women’s soccer game, and why you won’t regret it.

The Atmosphere

One of the things I like most about FSU football games is how electric the crowd gets, and FSU women’s soccer games are just like that. Everyone in the crowd is truly invested in the match and the different plays made. You’ll see changing expressions in the crowd as a player nears the goal to make a shot, you’ll hear boos when the referee makes a bad call, and you’ll feel the excitement ripple through the audience when the Noles score. From singing the Florida State War Chant before each corner kick, to fighting for the T-shirt that gets thrown in the crowd after each goal, and even the halftime performances from different groups on campus, there’s always something exciting to see when you’re at these games. Soccer fans, students, and Tallahassee locals alike help make the atmosphere of the event what it is, and it’s something you’ve truly got to see to believe. 

They’ve Got Skills

Did I mention that the team is really good? I may be slightly biased because I used to play soccer and consider myself a big fan of the sport in general, but the games are far from boring. With FSU being lucky enough to have such an accomplished and highly-ranked team, you’re undoubtedly going to be left stunned at some of the killer moves the players can pull off. 

Besides being studded with high-level players in general, something that speaks to just how skilled the players are is the fact that a select few have actually played in the World Cup. Yes, you read that right — I mean the FIFA World Cup, like, the one hosted in Australia this past summer. When you go to an FSU soccer game, you’re not just watching college athletes but world-class competitors, and that alone indicates the skill and entertainment of these matches. 

The Free Stuff

Okay, this one definitely isn’t as important or as much of a contributing factor for me personally, but it’s worth mentioning. At select games, there are special items for the first select number of fans to arrive. For example, at the recent game against the University of Miami, the first 300 fans received free gold T-shirts in honor of the gold-out theme that night. At the match against the University of South Florida, the first 200 students received free popcorn and soda. Going to the FSU soccer games rewards you literally with the physical things that are given out just for showing up, and rewards you emotionally, as the event itself promises a good time.

Plus, in case you didn’t know, entry to these games is free for all FSU students with an FSU ID! No waiting in a queue online or begging others to sell you their ticket like other FSU sporting events, which is just another convenience of going to one of these games. 

That One Guy

There is a certain guy you truly only get at an FSU soccer game. For the home soccer games (excluding the Miami game), there’s this one old man who you can tell is a long-time Nole soccer supporter. He always comes repping some sort of shirt commemorating FSU’s national championship wins (FSU has won 3 by the way), and makes his way to the front of the crowds with his handmade signs to get the crowd excited. His chants range from getting different sides of the stands to trade-off yelling “Garnet” and “Gold,” to getting the entire audience to yell “Let’s Go Noles!” He is a contributing factor to what makes FSU soccer games unique, so even if you don’t care to watch the game, you may want to go just to see him. 

Whether you choose to go to a Florida State soccer game or not is entirely up to you, but I highly encourage anyone to at least go to one during their time at FSU. It’s my goal to try and go to every single woman’s home soccer game if I can, and I’m not saying you have to, but you definitely should try to. Before you know it, the team will be back to fighting for a fourth championship title, so if you want to get in on the action now, make sure to check out their schedule here. See you at the next game!

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Avery Ranum is a Digital Media Production (DMP) major at Florida State University, pursuing a minor in Film Studies as well. She aspires to work in the film industry or for a commercial broadcast network in the future! She is currently a first-year staff writer for Her Campus at FSU.