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I am embarking on my study abroad journey at the end of May and my excitement is through the roof. In fact, I am already making my packing list. I chatted with some of my friends who have already studied abroad and they gave me some advice on what I must bring. But of course, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t alter that advice to fit my personal preferences.  

Passport Holder Wallet  

I am the type of person who always needs all my ducks in a row. Because I will be in another country and traveling as much as possible, I can’t have too many things on me at once. I don’t want to lose these important items — my passport, cards, and any further identification I may need. I found a green wallet on Amazon for less than $10 that will fit in my purse or bag. Keeping myself organized when traveling is one of my top priorities because I don’t want to lose my passport in a different country. 

Amazon Weekender Bag (Dupe)  

Friends of mine who have gone abroad told me that they travel somewhere new almost every weekend. Most of the time, they fly or take a train, so having luggage is not ideal. Having a duffle bag with lots of room and compartments for toiletries and shoes that goes over your shoulder for a weekend trip away is essential. The Weekender Bag by Beis is not at all in my price range. Luckily for me, Amazon has a dupe! The Beis Weekender Bag is $108 on their website and on Amazon for $40.  

Long Skirts  

The long-skirt renaissance is upon us. More importantly, they are cute and comfy. You can dress down a long skirt or dress it up. Last summer, I went on Instagram and it seemed like everyone was in Italy or Spain posing in a vineyard with the cutest fits on. I would see long skirts and long dresses all whilst wishing that was me. I came up with the idea that long skirts can be multi-purposeful. After many thrifting trips to find most of my abroad wardrobe, I tried on this skirt that was too long for me but was so cute that I couldn’t leave the shop without it. Think strapless dress. I tried it on as a dress and it worked! My whole concept is a plain black skirt with your choice of color tee or tank by day, then a mid-length strapless dress with heels (or if you’re like me, air force ones always) by night.  

Summer cannot come quickly enough! I am so eager for all the new places I will see, along with all the new experiences and memories I will make. I can’t wait to embrace all the new cultures and learn new things. These essentials are ways I am going to decrease the stress from my life and stay organized in new places. Being able to be spontaneous and pick up and go on a new adventure at the drop of a hat is what I am looking forward to the most.  

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