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12 Iconic Pictures Every Seminole Takes

As graduation approaches, many of you may be scrolling through your pictures and going down memory lane. Pictures are gateways to memories, and in the years of being a Seminole here at Florida State University, you have more than likely took lots of pictures of countless moments. Here are just a few pictures that most of you have probably taken…

The Rez (FSU Reservation) and Other Outdoor Adventures

The beauty of Tallahassee is in how much nature it has to offer its Seminoles. The Rez is somewhere we went when we were in need of some love from Mother Nature, or when we wanted to explore trails and activities we’ve never done before.

The FSU Circus

When you first came to Florida State University, you were probably shocked we had a circus. In the years after, you came to appreciate its wonder, and tried your best to capture the swift movements and jumps of the acrobats.



True Seminoles know how to party, and many of us have endless pictures of the strip, Coliseum, College Town, and other venues. Nights that lead to rather blurry and awkward pictures also gave us countless memories.



When you first came to FSU, you heard the tales of the greatest bar in town. A bar where you can drink endlessly for one price once you turned 21. It was probably one of your most memorable moments when you were finally old enough to get in, got your cup, and saw bras hanging by the bar.

The Union

You probably have all kinds of pictures of the union: anything from the events you attended to just lounging around in the grass. The Union is a great place for sitting down on the benches to eat lunch, shopping on market Wednesdays, or studying between classes. It is the center of our university, and it’s where all major events occur on a daily basis.

Landis Green

Landis has become a place of escape for many Seminoles at FSU. It has become a nap spot, lunch spot, date spot, study spot, sunbathing spot, sport spot, and anything else you can think of. It is the patch of green where puppies run and people hang up their hammocks. How many pictures of this iconic spot do you have? Probably too many to count.

Club Stroz or Dirac


In honor of finals week, you have to have an endless amount of pictures of club Stroz and/or Dirac library. So many hours of sleep have been lost at these locations, and an endless amount of Starbucks coffee has been consumed.

The Unconquered Statue and Every Other Statue on Campus


Attending Florida State University has given all of us an appreciation for tradition. Because of this, every statue on campus holds meaning to all of us, and surely has at least one spot in our phones’ photo galleries.



Part of being a Seminole is tailgating before football games. Food, beer pong, and lots of FSU spirit are in every tailgate picture we have.

Doak Campbell Stadium

The amount of pictures you have of game day should be endless. The garnet and gold, the chop, the Osceola and Renegade, the marching band, and the sea of FSU fans crowding the stadium.

Speaking of which… the Garnet and Gold Guys


A true Seminole has tried to take a picture with or of the garnet and gold guys. The sheer amount of spirit these men have for FSU truly shines bright and inspires many.

Westcott Fountain

If you added up all the pictures you took at Westcott fountain from the day you visited on your orientation to your graduation day, you could probably build your very own album! From the tradition of being thrown in on your 21st birthday to any other day in-between, this fountain will forever be an iconic picture for every Seminole.

To all you seniors who are graduating, cherish these iconic moments in time and be proud to call yourself Seminoles. You made it. You have the pictures to prove it and the stories to tell. To all the freshmen and years in-between, go out and experience everything FSU has to offer. Go on adventures, get thrown in the Westcott fountain, laugh with your friends, and enjoy every single war chant. You will be surprised how fast your time as a Seminole goes by.

Amanda loves to write creatively on her spare time. When she isn't studying for her double major in both Psychology and Editing, Writing, and Media, Amanda is in the kitchen cooking up some dinner or baking sweet treats. She is a kid at heart and will never be too old for anything Disney. Amanda aspires to become a producer and writer for future video games.
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