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Though it might feel difficult to go astray from your usual visit to the library, switching it up occasionally and studying in other places on the FSU campus can be motivating!

Strozier library

The third floor of Strozier can be good for silent studying, and the first and second floors are great for group studying with some background noise. However, I’ve occasionally had visits to Strozier when it was way too crowded, loud and hard to find a table to settle down in. It can be distracting to try to study in a chaotic or super crowded environment. It can also get boring to always study in the same place. Here are some of my friends’ and my favorite study spots on campus for when you feel like switching it up!

Innovation Hub

The Innovation Hub is located next to Landis Green, super close to dorms like Azalea and Magnolia, as well as Strozier Library. If you’re looking for clean, quiet and individual spaces to study in, the Innovation Hub is perfect. You can book rooms to study by yourself or with a group on their website! It’s a chill environment to work in because it’s never super crowded or noisy. If you want to sip on a cup of coffee, tea or bubble tea while studying, you can stop by Argo Tea, which is right next to the Innovation Hub. 1851 is also close by if you ever get hungry and want to grab a bite before returning to studying. For some fresh air, you can also study on the tables located right outside of the Hub.

William Johnston Building

The William Johnston Building, located on the other side of Landis Green, features the ACE Tutoring Studio and contains some classrooms. The William Johnston Building is probably one of my favorite study spots because its interior is really pretty and modern, with its glass staircases and bright lighting. It’s also very quiet and serene, never getting too chaotic or crowded. It offers a lot of open space and seating as well.

It’s open 24/7, so if you want to study until late somewhere other than the library (which can get crowded at night), then the WJB is a great spot to be productive. Additionally, it’s right next to Chick-Fil-A and Suwannee Room, if you want to get food at any point during your study session. I studied here nonstop last semester and always found myself able to get a lot of work done.

Dodd Hall

Located next to Williams Building and Diffenbaugh Building and close to the Westcott Fountain, Dodd Hall is definitely one of the prettiest buildings on campus, with Gothic elements in its architecture. The wooden ceiling and walls lined with stained glass are beautiful. It’s very peaceful inside and automatically feels scholarly.

So, if you want to go for that scholarly and aesthetic vibe that makes you feel like you’re studying at Hogwarts or an 18th-century French church, you should try having a study session at Dodd Hall! Unfortunately, you do need to go up the annoying Diffenbaugh hill to get to it, and there isn’t a restaurant or cafe right next to this building, but it’s definitely still worth it for great study vibes.


1851, located on the ground level of Azalea Hall, is the third major dining facility on FSU’s campus. Its location is pretty great because it’s centrally located on campus. 1851 is very spacious and offers many tables and seating areas on both floors. The first floor contains Starbucks for coffee and several food options, with plenty of tables both inside and outside. The second floor also contains more tables and study/hang-out space. There are comfortable couches, booth seating, armchairs and high-top tables, a nice and comfortable space for whether you want to study or just spend time with friends. 

I like to go to 1851 after class to grab some food, then study on the second floor. There are usually a good number of people studying with some food or coffee, which is motivating and gets me in the mood to get work done. It can get a little busy at certain times, but I’ve never had trouble finding somewhere to sit because of the number of tables and seating options available there. 

Sweet shop

Sweet Shop, located across the street from Landis Hall, is an FSU favorite. It opens every day at seven in the morning, so if you want to study early, Sweet Shop is a good place to go to. I like Sweet Shop’s menu options as well because they have unique drink and food options. 

It can get a little crowded later in the day towards the afternoon and the tables can fill up pretty fast, so I usually prefer to go there in the morning for some individual studying. If you don’t mind background noise, you can also go later in the day by yourself or with a group. It can be a great place for breakfast/brunch (the egg and cheese croissant is a favorite) and getting some studying done.

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