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10 Ways Your Life Changes After you Turn 21 in Tallahassee

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

It’s arguable to say that one of the best moments in your life as a student at Florida State is the day you turn 21. You finally don’t have to count on that one friend you have who’s 21 to buy you alcohol and you don’t have to freak out while the bouncer at Recess scrutinizes your fake. Now, that’s not to say that Collegiettes under 21 aren’t drinking. I know they all have their ways of attaining liquor; whether it’s flirting with the bartender at The Strip, praying that your fake will work at Seminole Discount Liquors, or swiping beers at Heritage Grove on game days. When that faithful day comes and you’re finally 21, your life will forever change—for the better!

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1. Your trips to Club Pub will be so much better

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You’ll pass by the vast beer section at the Publix on Ocala and an amazing thought will pop into your head: I can buy this if I want to! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I’ve been 21 for three months now, and this thought still pops into my head every week I do my groceries. You’ll pass by the wine, champagne, and beer and say, “I can buy that, and that, and THAT!” There is no better feeling.

2. You can FINALLY go to Bulls

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Finally, the long, agonizing wait is over! Bullwinkles, AKA every underage kids dream, is one of the best bars/nightclubs for juniors and seniors at FSU. Seven bucks for AYCD on Thursdays and 10 bucks on Fridays and Saturdays? Doesn’t get any better than that. You’ll never go to Pots again, and you’re not even mad about it.

3. Mug Day at Kens Tavern

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What sounds better than an all day drinking bonanza? That’s right. Nothing. Mug Day is something that happens once a semester at the Strip on a Sunday, and it’s basically an all day drinking challenge that includes drinking every hour for a 12 hours. Oh yeah, and free pizza. Mug Day was just this last weekend, but don’t worry, the next one is coming up early 2017. 

4. You become the token 21 year-old to all your underage friends

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Now, this one can be fun for a little while. For the first couple of months you’ll feel all cool and mature when your younger friends ask you to buy liquor for them. You’ll happily oblige and flip your hair as you walk into Publix Liquors. #yas. But after a while, it can get pretty annoying. Just don’t forget to remind yourself: You were once in their shoes. Now be a good friend and buy them that cheap, bottom-shelf liquor!

5. You can throw a kegger

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The other day I walked into Seminole Discount, looked the clerk straight in the eye, asked for a kegger filled with PBR and let me tell you I felt like the coolest person in the world watching that bad boy be rolled out into my car.

6. Getting denied becomes a thing of the past

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Say bye-bye to ever having to worry about whether the bounder at Recess will notice your fake or not. You can walk up those stairs, (those long, arduous stairs) coolly slip out your ID, and watch the bouncer’s eyes move from your picture to your beaming, beautiful, 21 year-old face. You don’t have anything to worry about, now go have fun!

7. You can do brunch the right way

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One word: brunch. You can stop daydreaming about Madison Social’s mimosas on Sunday morning and finally get up and go get some. Grab your friends and get ready to do some day drinking.

8. You pay less to get into clubs/bars

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This is one of my personal favorites. You can go out and drink, AND save money by doing it because your cover goes down after you turn 21. At some places you don’t even have to pay! I remember going to Clyde’s once for HH when I was 20 and they charged me 15 bucks to get in. FIFTEEN! Now, I can get in for 3. Happy days are here at last!

9. You don’t have to fear cops breaking up a house party and being caught with alcohol

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We’ve all been through it. You’re at a house party having a good old time and you look up to see red and blue lights coming from the front yard. That’s your cue to head for the exit and dump the rest of your drink in the grass before a cop sees you with it and asks you how old you are. After you turn 21, this outlandish fear goes away! You no longer have to worry about being caught underage drinking cause you’re allowed to!

10. You gain weight

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There’s a downside to everything, right? After you turn 21 and you have the possibility of pretty much drinking every night (no shame), you will unfortunately suffer the concequences. And those consequences will taunt you every time you try to fit into your high-waisted shorts on game days. I’m coming for you, stairmaster. 

Alex is native to Miami, Florida but currently resides in Tallahassee. She's a Senior at Florida State double majoring in Editing, Writing and Media and Media Communications.