10 Ways to Wake up With a Positive Mindset in the Morning

Every day we wake up is a new day where we are in control of our own destiny, our own life. Sometimes life seems as if it has no direction, but the reality is we can change our day to day lives just by having a positive mindset. As personal experience goes, no one knows the answer to everything, that would be impossible. We are human and we weren’t born with all the answers to our questions because if we did, we would be somewhat of a Yoda. Take a deep breath and start the morning with a ritual.

You are your greatest achievement and you can take on today. Sometimes our thoughts can consume us, but it is important to know you can use those thoughts to encourage your everyday life.  Choose yourself and focus on the things you enjoy doing and the people who make you feel good about life.  In order to help with the process, there are ten things many find helpful to do every morning to help get the day going.

1. Wake up and stretch

In the morning, it is important to stretch because we release endorphins, which are happy natural chemical, which helps stimulates our brains and bodies. Not only is it a way to get yourself going and out of bed, but it leads you to have a few moments for yourself to think.

2. Take a deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth

What a better way of following your morning stretch with a form of meditation. Sometimes we can become stressed and overwhelmed by the things that we have to do every day, but if anyone tells you that they haven’t got stressed out, they’re lying. Just remember that we are in control of our own lives. When I feel overwhelmed, I take a deep breath in through my nose and out through my mouth. Many may not know that this is an extremely helpful form of meditation that clears the mind.

3. Make your bed so that way you feel put together

As soon as we finish our breathing, go ahead and make your bed. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it will give you a sense of organization fresh in the morning. Nothing feels better than coming home to a neat looking room.

4. Make a nice breakfast

It is true when they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Getting some space in the morning to think while we nourish our bodies is so important. You can focus on the tasks you want to do throughout the day without rushing to get some food and overwhelming yourself. 

5. Listen to your favorite playlist

Doesn’t it feel so good to jam out to your favorite song in the car! Why can’t we do this every day? We have the ability to make every day one that we want to have, so why not start out with a nice jam session!

6. Make coffee and have at least 20 minutes of YOU time.

Coffee helps your body wake up, and it sure is yummy. While your coffee is brewing, think of the things you would want to accomplish throughout the day. Not only does it help you wake up, but it will give you time to do some things you might’ve forgotten to do.

7. Write a positive quote and post it where you can see it in the AM

It is a fact that when we write things down, it is engraved in our minds better. Seeing something positive when you wake up in the morning is so refreshing. It presents something positive in the morning you can take with you throughout your day.

8. Make small tasks daily so you can check it off your list

Just like making your bed, making a list and seeing that you accomplished what you set off to do is so satisfying. I made a thought, and I implemented it with positive action!

9. Make time to appreciate your surroundings

When we start to live instead of just exist, we can find happiness in everyday situations. We woke up and we are alive! We cannot always change our surroundings or the people around us, but we can change our mindsets.

10. Give some of that love you give to others to yourself

Today is your day to shine. You’re beautiful, smart, caring, and strong. Just start believing in yourself.


 Courtesy of Eat, breathe, self love