10 Times Hilary Duff Described the Life of a Collegiette

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Collegiettes, whether you grew up watching Hilary Duff play the character Lizzie McGuire or if you are currently watching her play Kelsey Peters on Younger, you’re aware of just how relatable she is.  Here are ten Hilary Duff moments that you can relate to. 

1. When you realize you have nothing decent to wear in your closet.


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Whether you’re debating what to wear to class that morning, or what outfit to wear to that date function, sometimes nothing in your closet feels right. 

2. When stress seems to be overpowering your week during finals. 

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Just remember that the semester will be over shortly and Winter break is on the horizon.

3. When you're trying to get back into shape and you contemplate dieting. 

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Remember to not fret about what the scale says. 

4. When you start to second guess your career path. 

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Don’t let your fears stop you from attempting to achieve your goals. 

5. When the person you have been crushing on lets you down. 

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You will find someone who deserves your time. 

6. When others discourage you. 

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Forget them. Go after what you want!

7. When you realize reality is better than the fantasy.

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Don’t get caught up in the fantasy, enjoy the ordinary things in life because they are truly beautiful. 

8. When you realize that the person you love really isn’t the right one. 

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Sometimes it’s hard to change the way you feel about someone, even though your gut is saying you deserve better.

9. When you ace your exam and want to celebrate by going out that night.

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Why not celebrate? You deserve it!

10. After all Collegiette, you are fabulous!

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Hilary would agree!