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Yes, it’s finals week. Yes, you should be studying. However, we’re living in what feels like a simulation, and I’ll have to assume you’re merely taking a study break to check out this article. I know your time is precious and all of us have the attention spans of a goldfish these days, so I’ll make this as easy and quick as possible. Don’t look so scared, we’re just watching TikToks together!

If we had to put together all the various emotions that we feel during the ups and downs of finals week, I think these TikTok videos do a pretty good job at summarizing them.

It Be Like This Sometimes

This TikTok captures a moment that we all have probably experienced at one point or another. It’s like when you’re having a great day at the beach and suddenly it’s pouring and thundering and now your day is ruined. Fun.

I Really Hope It Don’t Be Like That

Now, this TikTok is hilarious, but I pray that it doesn’t eventually come true. But I mean, who knows if we’ll even need bridges if we’re inside for the rest of our lives.

Procrastinators…This One’s For You

We all know the stress of pushing off all your homework and studying until the last minute. This TikTok is exactly what it’s like when it’s the eleventh hour and you need to raise your grade from a B- to an A.


OMG. As someone who has a habit of taking things a little too seriously sometimes, I felt this. If you have a significant other please send this TikTok to them right now.

But Okay, You Really Need A Study Break

Words cannot accurately explain the mental headspace you get into once you’ve experienced cramming for all your exams, surviving on no sleep, copious amounts of coffee, or Redbull, and you finally look in the mirror and see the creature that you’ve become staring back at you.  But luckily, this TikTok can.

You Didn’t Hear This From Me…

I’m just gonna drop the link to the TikTok and go about my day.

Prove Them Wrong

Women can be successful in whichever major they choose! The misconception that fields such as engineering, finance, etcetera, are primarily for men needs to change. Fortunately, this awesome TikTok shows a girl who is proving just that!

For The Color Coded Note Takers

If you’re lucky enough to have an iPad with a pencil your whole studying game could change drastically! Check out this TikTok.

At Least You’re Not Taking These Finals…

This TikTok made me so relieved that all I had to worry about was how strong my memory was. This guy has actual PTSD from his “finals week,” and that’s all I need to know in order to be thankful for my current exam situation. It could be worse.

The One You Need To See

Now that you’ve had your fun, break time is over. Here’s one last TikTok.

Good luck on your finals!!<3

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