10 Struggles for Girls with Long Hair as Told by Rapunzel

For girls with long hair, sometimes life isn’t easy. Yes, we choose to do this to ourselves and yes, we can cut it whenever we want but that doesn’t change the fact that our choice in hair length creates some issues and awkward situations on a daily basis.

1. Brushing your hair is the workout of the day, and no one else is allowed to come near you with a brush because they don’t do it right.

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2. Not to mention the fact that it's always getting tangled up in something. The elementary school chairs with the metal nails were a long-haired girl’s worst nightmare.

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3. Getting your hair into any sort of updo turns into a team effort. Seriously, you hold the wand, I’ll wrap the hair, we can do this! 

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4. When you do finally get your hair nice and presentable, a gust of wind comes and all hell breaks loose. Sounds like a ponytail day. 

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5. And where did all the conditioner go? I couldn’t have used it up that fast, right? 

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6. No, you may not touch my hair. That’s weird.

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7. Dancing is fun until someone gets smacked in the face. You might want to move back next time. 

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But really, that was your own fault. You should know better by now.

8. And as an open letter from all us long-haired girls, sorry for regularly drowning/whipping you with my hair. I don’t mean to do it, promise. 

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Also, shedding. Sorry about the shedding.

9. But despite all the struggles, your hair is a safety blanket.

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10. And the idea of cutting it is terrifying. 

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I’ll suffer through the Florida heat. It’s fine.