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The 10 Stages Every Soon to be Graduate Goes Through

 In the beginning of your last semester when you’re having a great time and you consciously choose to ignore the fact that graduation is looming over your head.

The halfway point when you know the big day is coming up, but are aware of your complete denial that your college life will be coming to an abrupt end very soon.  You know you’re at this stage when you think “So much can happen in three months… it’s actually a pretty long time… like 100 days.”



There’s no denying it anymore and you realize how close graduation actually is.


Immediately following this realization, you come to terms with the fact that you are probably pretty ill prepared.




You slowly sink into a depressive state. This typically lasts for a couple hours. Tip: ordering a pizza will help tremendously.



Your friends help you to relax because pretty much everyone you know is in the same boat.  No need to waste this precious time crying.


You think about how far you’ve come and understand that graduation is just the next step in the natural progression of things.


You have a newfound sense of pride after recognizing it for the amazing accomplishment that it is.


You face the reality of the situation because you’re ready and confident to take the world by storm.


You did it, girl!

Senior Editing, Writing, and Media major at Florida State University
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