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10 Reasons Why Jim Halpert is Every Girl’s Dream Guy

As women, there are many important factors that you take into account when it comes to choosing a significant other. Things like: loves to pull pranks, makes the best of every situation and owns a beet farm (wait what?) are just some of the requirements it takes to wife you up. Regardless of your criteria, you go on dates and match with people on Tinder who don’t necessarily fit the bill. Hey, you’re getting yourself out there, what’s wrong with that? But we’ve all had those failed attempts at finding ‘that special someone,’ and sometimes it feels like settling might just be your only option.

When thinking back on all of your failed relationships, you start to think that choosing the guy who forgot about you when you went to the bathroom and left you at a minor league hockey game for your first date doesn’t sound too bad. (Or does it?) With the plethora of fish in the sea that are so clearly not for you, you begin to think no one is going to be perfect for you. Sad and defeated, you flip on your Roku and ritualistically click Netflix, turn on The Office and there he is.

The perfect guy: Jim Halpert.

Why is Jim such a hot commodity, and what makes him every girl’s dream? Well, I’ve put together a list of 10 pretty convincing arguments for you. (In case, for some reason, you needed it.)

1. He always remembers to have fun

Being serious all the time makes for a lasting relationship. False. Having fun and letting loose is where it’s at. Jim never forgets to bring the fun and makes the best out of every situation. No matter what, he is always not far behind with a prank up his sleeve for everyone’s enjoyment. (Okay, maybe not Dwight’s.)

2. His gifts are thoughtful and meaningful

​Jim knows exactly what kind of gift you need and then some. He knows you so well and pays attention to your likes and dislikes so much that his presents are a guaranteed success 10/10 times. Plus he even puts gifts inside gifts, and who doesn’t love that?

3. He’s terrible at Call of Duty

Jim isn’t one for video games, especially Call of Duty. What does this mean for you? Unlimited amounts of attention! Because we all know how little interaction with a guy we get once an Xbox has been turned on, that’s not the case with good ol’ Jim. He does more productive things with his time, like put office supplies in Jell-O.

4. He wants the best for you, regardless of what that means for him

Although the pain of seeing Pam with Roy and the agony associated with the thought of them getting married was often apparent, Jim tried his best to always make sure Pam was her happiest. Even when it was revealed that her worst first date story was with Roy, he bit his tongue.

Courtesy: The Office Wikia


5. He understands that, sometimes, you want to leave the party early

Sometimes, okay a lot of the times, you aren’t in the mood to be the social butterfly everyone makes you out to be. Jim gets that, and he’s got the perfect escape route for you every time. Except of course when Jan and Michael have you over for a dinner party.

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6. He doesn’t play games

Hallelujah; a boy that is up front about his feelings! You’ll never question whether or not Jim ‘likes you likes you’ or even ‘likes you at all’. He’s completely open about how he feels about you and wants the whole world to know it. Maybe that’s why Pam is so sure that her kids will be right about their parents being soulmates.

7. He’s passionate and spontaneous

When Jim proposed to Pam, he just couldn’t wait any longer for her to be his wife. Somehow this stud made a gas station proposal (halfway between Scranton and New York) the type of proposal most girls could only dream about. Passion, spontaneity and pure love wrapped all into one beautiful man.

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8. He has impeccable work ethic

He may have started out a slacker, but by the end of the series, Jim had his sh*t together. From following his dream and starting his own business to being persistent as hell and finally getting the family he always wanted with Pam, Jim was always killin’ the game.

9. His taste in jewelry is fab

Every girl fantasizes about the perfect ring just as much as the perfect guy. Well with Jim, you get both! Take a look at that rock. He picked that out special for her because from day one, he knew just what she’d like.

10. He’ll definitely embrace the cute family Halloween costumes

You’ll be the ‘relationship goals’ that everyone is talking about each Halloween. Have your wildest couples costume dreams come to life with Jim. You know he’s down to do anything that makes you happy.

Courtesy:  The Odyssey


Jim Halpert has been setting the bar high for men since early 2005. And even though the season finale aired in 2013, this stud continues to be the guy of every girl’s dreams today. Jim is a constant reminder to all of us that we should never settle for less than we deserve, we should always listen to our gut and that the waiting game is sometimes all we can do. Because who knows, you might just be waiting for your husband all along.

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