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The 10 High School Classmates You Will Encounter While Home for Spring Break

1. The one no one expected to be a frat star

College changes people, so that funny kid that was in your classes is now a frat guy. Not only is he a frat star, he’s chugging more beers before you can even finish your first. He’ll either be on the beach showing his guns or at your local dive bar trying to pick up girls by teaching them how to play darts. 

2. The one who moved to NYC and is a total prima donna now

She was always kind of a quiet girl at school, but now when you see her she’s all high fashion. She’s basically a walking New York fashion week. She’s either in school for acting, fashion or studying in NYC now. You can find her at the classiest bar or restaurant in your town while holding a cosmo. Her insta caption for this photo is probably, “Nothing better than a little break from the city life.” 

3. The one who got married

We always joked around in high school about who in our class would be the first to get married or have a baby. However, even if it was who we guessed, it is still a complete shock to us when we see the announcement on social media. You most likely won’t see them out, but if you do they’ll be taking a stroll at the park and if they’re cliché enough, having a picnic. You begin to question if you will ever get married.

4. The one who was okay in high school but is now hot AND successful

You ask yourself how you didn’t see this coming, but maybe you did. Maybe they even asked you out but you turned them down in high school. Now you’re kicking yourself for never having gone for it. You ask yourself if it’s too late. You’ll probably see this person at the bar all of your high school friends hang out at. They’re probably surrounded by people who are thinking the same exact way you are. You then realize they go to school hundreds of miles away from you and if it’s meant to be, it’ll have to wait until you both graduate. 

5. The one who still lives in your hometown and parties every night

This one didn’t change too much after high school. You’ll probably see them everywhere and they will most likely be promoting events happening over Spring Break. You want to ask them what’s going to be fun on one night that you and your friends are bored, but you also don’t want to get your cell blown up about VIP tables every other night. You then begin to wonder if they will ever get a normal job.

6. The one that became a yogi

This one was another surprise to you. You always knew this person as super outgoing and would never see them being able to meditate for hours on end. Now, this person is able to be a vegan, go to school, yogi, have a job and still be able to maintain mental peace all at once. You want to reach out to this person to ask them how they do it, but you’re not sure if they will even remember you after their life change. You’ll find this person meditating somewhere, anywhere. 

7. The one you thought you’d never get over in high school

Ah, we’ve all had this one. We saw high school as never ending, just like our love for this person. Now this one can be anyone. The person who was your first kiss, first prom date, first boyfriend, first love or anything really. Just the matter of them being considered the “first” at something is a concept that is hard for us to let go of. When we see this one out, we may remember how they made us feel. However, we smile because it brings us back to a time when we thought high school was forever, and we obviously don’t feel that way anymore. But maybe, deep down we will always have a little soft spot for them in our hearts.

8. The one that got Insta famous 

Not much to say about this one. They are somehow now selling Skinny Tea and somewhere along the way dropped out to be a model. You will forever wonder how they got so many followers in such a short period of time. You’ll definitely see this one taking pictures around town. 

9. The one who never partied in high school and now goes out every night

This one probably went to a highly academic college. They were always an angel in high school and always stayed out of trouble. This also gave them the possibility to get really good grades. Now, you see their Snaps every night having a good time. You smile to yourself and think about how times have changed and feel happy that they are finally letting go and enjoying themselves. When they come home it’ll be one of two ways: their parents either won’t let them go out, or you’ll see them buying shots for everyone at the bar. 

10. The ones who will always be your best friends

These people have been with you through it all. The awful chem classes you didn’t want to take, the movie nights, etc. Even though you may be hundreds of miles away and you may not speak to them everyday, it’s always a reunion when you get together. You know for a fact they’ll be in your life forever. 

Even though times and people have changed, they were all a part of your life growing up. You will cherish these people and memories forever. 

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