10 Creative Hobbies You Can Start for Around $10 on Amazon

Imagine this: You woke up early, went to class, felt super productive, told yourself you were going to cascades to do homework or to a local coffee shop to unwind. However, as soon as you get home, you take off your shoes, maybe put some Netflix on and go on social media.

By the time you realize it, 1 p.m. became 4 p.m. and you have done nothing productive at all. This was a situation I found myself much too often. As a senior at Florida State University, I thought enough is enough. I wanted to find other artistic hobbies I can take up where I can unwind from school yet, still be productive in one way or another.

Starting to paint and filling out my sticker book (even playing with clay and slime) have been my saving graces this semester. I find myself often with more energy when I finish my task than when I started it. And I don’t feel like I’ve “wasted the day.”

So here I bestow to all the Her Campus readers, some creative hobbies you guys can take up. Enjoy!

1. Calligraphy $4.68


Courtesy: Paper Peony Press Amazon

A cute task for anyone who enjoys writing or would like to start working on their handwriting. Calligraphy not only takes skill, but the results are mesmerizing. You can find it here.

2. Sticker book. $9.98

Courtesy: Workman Publishing Amazon

A personal favorite of mine. This is the perfect combination of puzzles, stickers, and a paint-by-numbers technique. Calming and beautifully done. Find it here.

3. Origami set $11.27

Courtesy: Tuttle Publishing Amazon

Courtesy: 500 Days of Summer / 500 Days of Summer Project Blog Spot.

This beginners kit is great for anyone wanting to start exploring the craft side of art. Who knows, you might even recreate the tree in Summer’s home décor in 500 Days of Summer. (I know that would be the first thing I would do). Find it here.

4. Bullet Journaling $15.60

Courtesy: Rachel Wilkerson Miller Amazon

With only a month into the new year, this ought to be a good skill to learn. Including a how-to guide and a journal; you’ll be more productive and organized than ever. Not to mention how calming and fun it is to plan out your week. Find it here


5. Acrylic paint set (no canvas) $9.99

Courtesy: Creative Joy Amazon

Although this set doesn’t include the canvases (they should be fairly cheap) and you get to choose whether you want post-card sized canvases or one huge canvas for your creative vision. I would recommend Michael’s, Ross, or even Amazon if you would like them to arrive together. Let your creativity flow and create what your heart desires. Find it here.

6. Slime $8.88

Courtesy: Elmer’s Amazon

I’m a huge slime fan. I love watching how it’s made and even making it. There’s something therapeutic in massaging the slime. Rather than a “productive art”, this is just plain fun and destressing. You can find it here!

7. Coloring book with pencils $5.49

Courtesy: Newbourne Media Amazon



Go back to your worry-free elementary school days with this coloring book. With a nice playlist going on in the background, in the middle of one of Tallahassee’s beautiful parks, or between classes, this is awesome to fill up your time in an artistic way. You can find it here.


8. White House 3D puzzle $8.95

Courtesy: Liberty Imports Amazon


For puzzle lovers that love a challenge, here is a 3D puzzle that mixes architecture with a creative spin. Whether it takes 20 minutes, 3 days, or a whole month to complete, it is certain that you’ll feel like a boss when it’s done. You can find it here.

9. Embroidery kit $8.98

Courtesy: KISSBUTY Amazon

Something that has been around for centuries is making a huge comeback. And we can see why. This colorful needlework requires technique, precision and patience. Unwind with your favorite Netflix series and a newfound project. You can find it here.

10. 5D Diamond Painting by Numbers 9.99

Courtesy: WYQN Amazon

A new art form has come up in recent years. Rhinestone “coloring” if you will, is an art form made by tiny little rhinestones. Extremely satisfying and rewarding to complete, this is the perfect weekend task or semester-long project. You can find it here.

I hope this has gotten some creative juices flowing. And remember you don’t need to be great to start but you must start to be great.