10 Companies That Give Out Free Stickers

Unless you’re living under a rock, you know that stickers are all the rage right now. I rarely see a laptop or a water bottle that isn’t completely covered with them (I’m guilty of both), and they’re a perfect way to customize things like notebooks, guitars, car bumpers and more. But if you don’t want to break the bank by buying stickers from Red Bubble or Society6, check out this list of companies that give out free stickers upon request!

1. Chaco

Courtesy:  Pinterest


If you’re a Chaco girl, we should be friends. And if you’re not a Chaco girl, you’re seriously missing out! Either way, the company will give you some cute free stickers if you give them your email address and street address.

Request a Chaco sticker here.

2. Sperry

Courtesy: Sperry


Sperry is a company I wouldn’t expect to give out free stickers, but I’m so glad they do! The format of their request form is just like Chaco’s and they put a preview of what the stickers will look like next to it!

Request a Sperry sticker here.

3. Patagonia

Courtesy: Pinterest


Everyone recognizes Patagonia’s logo, even if you’re not familiar with the company. Their sticker request form is really easy to fill out, and their stickers are totally worth the wait!

Request a Patagonia sticker here.

4. Simply Southern

Courtesy: Ebay


It’s hard not to love Simply Southern, but it’s even harder knowing that they give out free stickers! Fill out their inquiry form to request a sticker, and they should follow up to ask for your street address.

Request a Simply Southern sticker here.

5. Vineyard Vines

Courtesy: Amazon


Vineyard Vines has some of the most iconic free stickers I’ve seen, but their request process is different from the others. You can request a Vineyard Vines sticker by contacting this email: [email protected]. Make sure you tell them you love the company somewhere in the email (they’re more likely to send you better stickers that way).

6. Jadelynn Brooke

Courtesy: Poshmark


This is another iconic sticker I’ve seen around. They also sell it for $2 on their website, so make sure to request it for free and save a couple of bucks!

Request a Jadelynn Brooke sticker here.


Courtesy: Redbubble


We don’t have In-N-Outs in Florida, but so many people are still obsessed with it. If you want to flex on your friends with one of their stickers, their inquiry form is super easy!

Request an In-N-Out sticker here.

8. Moose Tracks


Courtesy: Getitfree.us


Yes, Moose Tracks, the ice cream company! I died when I found out they give away free stickers. All you need to do is join their email list and give them your address, so they can send you a sticker (or magnet).

Request a Moose Tracks sticker here.

9. Heelys

Courtesy: Surefiresponsoring.com


Remember Heelys? The roller blades disguised as tennis shoes we all wore in middle school? The company is still alive and kicking, and they’ll give you a free sticker if you fill out their inquiry form!

Request a Heelys sticker here.

10. Saucony

Courtesy: Saucony


For those that don’t know, Saucony is a brand of running shoes that also sells killer athletic clothing. But even if you’re not a runner (or not an athlete at all) their stickers are really cute!

Request a Saucony sticker here.

Good luck in your pursuit of these free stickers and others from hundreds of companies I didn’t get to mention. I can’t wait to see more laptops, water bottles and car bumpers covered in this free merch!