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Count Your Blessings

My boyfriend left a week ago for his mission, and I won’t see him for two years. Needless to say, this past week has been the hardest and longest of my life.

I find that it’s really easy to mope. I get a little emotional when I see our pictures or when I put on his jacket that he left for me. It’s hard to get up and go to class when all I want to do is stay curled up in bed and cry. It’s easy to do the bare minimum required to get through the day: class, meals, shower, and homework. It’s hard to socialize and appear happy.

But I know that is no way to live.

My boyfriend would want me to be happy and have fun. Of course, I need time to myself occasionally, and sometimes I just need to cry for a little while. I miss him. But I have to live. If he’s doing exciting things, I want to do exciting things too.

To get me out of this funk, I’ve decided to list some of the great things that I have experienced this week that have brightened my days and made me smile, despite the ache I feel. It is by counting my blessings that I realize how truly wonderful my life is, and how even in the bad times, there is always a silver lining.

  1. God is always there for me.  I couldn’t do this if I didn’t know God wanted my boyfriend out there serving others. He will comfort me and bless me, while also protecting my boyfriend as he is out each day.  He wouldn’t let me go through anything that wouldn’t make me stronger in the end.
  2. I have a good family. They try to help me the best they can. I also have my boyfriend’s family, who keep in contact with me so that we can comfort each other.
  3. I have great friends. My high school friends threw me a little Disney party, complete with princess movies and Disney-themed snacks. My great roommate is also treating me to ice cream.
  4. The weather here is beautiful!  I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a sunnier March with more gorgeous skies.
  5. I enjoy 90’s sitcoms. They keep me laughing.
  6. I love Nicholas Sparks’ books, and they keep me entertained when I feel lonely.
  7. The airport was very supportive on the day of my boyfriend’s departure. They realized he’d never flown before, and they let ALL 15 of us go past security so we could say good-bye at the gate. That gave us another hour to be near him, and for that I am so thankful.
  8. My first letter and email from my missionary were amazing! It is terrible waiting for the mail, but reading his messages makes me feel closer to him. These messages let me know that he is doing well at learning the language and teaching people, and that he is making friends. He is happy, and nothing could make me happier than knowing that.
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