Why You Need A Silk Pillowcase

There are so many hacks and beauty secrets out there that not many people may be aware of. However, this one beauty hack is my favorite and the one I have seen the most results with. Keep reading to see why silk pillowcases should be in your life! 

This is one of the most life changing hacks that can improve skin and hair! After changing over my pillowcases to silk from cotton, I have noticed unbelievable changes in the texture of my hair and skin. Silk pillowcases are proven to be less harsh on skin and hair. Silk traps less dirt than cotton, so pillowcases don’t have to be washed as often. This also reduces the risk for breakouts considering there is less trapped oil and dirt in the pillowcase. 

Silk is also great for hair considering it prevents breakage and damage, especially with fine hair. I also notice how different my hair looks the morning after using the silk pillowcase vs cotton. Bedhead won’t be an issue with the silk pillowcase. My hair is so much smoother and easier to brush and style in the morning. There is a huge range of prices in regard to silk pillowcases. Below are my two favorite options for high end vs cheaper pillowcases.


High-end option: Slip silk is my favorite brand of silk products. They have pillowcases, hair scrunchies, eye masks etc. I love their products. They have great colors and patterns. I promise it is worth the splurge. This is also a great item to ask for during the holiday season or birthday.

Affordable option: Morning Glamour is a great pillowcase for under $20. This pillowcase can be bought at Target or online. This pillowcase serves the same purpose as the higher end pillowcase. It is much more affordable and also comes in a variety of colors and sizes! I have used this pillowcase and love it.