Why Would You Name a Tree?

There was once an old Town that had a few residents. The Town had been around the longest, compared to other towns. The other towns were flashy, had high towers, flowers that floated, and people wore tight manufactured clothes. In the old Town, the towers were small in comparison, the flowers grew from the ground and the people made their own loose-fitting clothes. The old Town knew that it was dying. You see, in order for a town to continue living, it needs someone to love it, and the people of the town were starting to hate it. They would litter, and they would vandalize the Towns border walls, they wanted the town to feel ugly. However, not all the residents felt this way about the Town. There was a young child who was in love with Town. The child made the effort to pick up after those who littered and to clean the vandalism of those who committed it. Of course, this child couldn’t take care of this alone, so the rats of the town helped, as well as the flowers that grew from the ground. As time passed, the Town was getting weaker, more of the residents were leaving, and more were causing the Town pain. Seeing the Town in pain, the child started to get sick. Bedridden, because of the sickness, the child couldn’t clean up or wash or play with the Town. The rats and flowers still took care of the Town for the child and that was the only thing that kept the child from dying. However, because the child couldn’t concentrate on loving the Town, it soon died. Devastated by this news, the child with all its might, ran into the forest of the Town which it inhabited. For there was a secret about the forest of which no one knew, only those with a pure heart and mind at birth, knew of this secret. The child dug the dirt in front of a red tree. The child dug and dug and dug. Then, the rats appeared and began to dig 

and dig and dig. Finally, the child reached what they were looking for: a single seed. This seed was the seed of all, the seed of life, and the seed of death. No one knows when the seed was planted or why it was planted or why anyone would want to live forever. The child knew that the Town couldn’t possibly eat it, but the child could. So the child, with the remaining strength in them, ran to the middle of the Town, found a loose cement path, swallowed the seed, took a piece of the loose cement path, and killed themselves with the jiggered piece. The child’s blood trickled through the earth and traveled to every inch of the Town. There was power of the seed within the blood. The child’s blood touched every part of the Town. Causing the Town to come back to life. The Town felt more vibrant and stronger than it had in a while. Over joyed with its new-found life the Town looked for the child. Confused on where the child went, the town assumed the child left, like most had. The town believed that, until the red tree sprung from the forest. 

“Dear Town, the child is still here.” 

“Where Red Tree? I don’t see them or hear them.” 

“Town you know they wouldn’t leave.” 

The town then looked around and saw that in the middle of a broken path, the flowers were dropping their petals in a pattern. The Town saw that the flowers were making a grand tree, the grandest tree there ever was, a tree higher than any tower, and with flowers brighter than all other flowers. Hanging from the tree were loose, long petals, the petals were huge and designed as if they could be worn. The Town looked at the beautiful tree, the tree started to shake its limbs and the petals, on the wind, flew to the other towns. As you can tell by now, the residents of these towns returned to their old Town and the old Town was loved again and would be loved for the rest of its life. The young child had given life back to the Town and now the child and the Town lived happily ever after.