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Why The Rock Should Be Your #MCM

I’ll give you the weekend to think about this one. I’m sure that by now, everyone knows who Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is. Actor, producer, college football player, and professional wrestler; the man has done it all. He may be starring alongside Zac Efron in the new Baywatch movie, but there are a few reasons why you should choose The Rock over Zac for your next man-crush Monday. You can just save Zac for the next week.

1. His Story

Yes, he comes from a family of wrestlers, but wrestling wasn’t his first choice for a career. In fact, he attended the University of Miami where he played football on a full scholarship. After graduating, he played in the Canadian Football League where he was cut from the team after only two months. He isn’t one to give up, however. He decided that he wanted to go into the family business of wrestling, and his dad trained him. His football career may not have worked out, but now he is known as one of the greatest wrestlers the WWE has ever seen, and many of the people he has worked with have said they don’t believe anyone could ever become a bigger superstar than him.

2. Sense of Humor


He isn’t only funny in the movies he’s been in, just read his Instagram captions and you’ll know that. Calling Zac Efron “candy ass?” Only The Rock can get away with it. He isn’t afraid to poke fun at himself either! He shares memes combining his face with President Obama’s, and even posted a photo of him at sixteen that was titled “16-year-old Dwayne Johnson looking older than current Dwayne Johnson,” adding the caption “Ah remembering the faces of all my high school girlfriends’ parents meeting me for the first time #6foot4 #240lbs #DeepVoice #CreepyPornStache.”

3. The Muscles

This is an easy one. Besides the obvious fact that muscles are nice to look at, and he can definitely pick you up with one arm, this means he puts in the effort to get what he wants. Let’s face it, who doesn’t want a guy that is dedicated enough to be at his peak? You don’t just wake up that strong overnight. It takes years of training and intense workouts and diets to look like that. (He hasn’t even had candy since 1989!) Need something else aesthetically pleasing before considering The Rock? Check out that effortlessly cool smile, especially when he has those aviators on.

4. He’s a Family Man

I don’t think he loves anything more than his family. If buying brand new trucks for his uncle and sharing videos of him and his adorable niece doesn’t tug at your heartstrings, what if I told you he used to sing for his grandma (pictured above), even though he can’t sing? I don’t think it gets any cuter than that.

5. His Heart

This man posts videos on Instagram singing “Happy Birthday” to sick fans, posts photos of their tattoos and takes the time out of his busy days filming just to hang out with them. He is constantly sharing pictures of their artwork just to thank them for their support. He knows who got him to where he is and he makes a point to thank them every step of the way. Especially if they wait outside for three hours hoping he drives by again, like the girls in the picture above did. Of course, he stopped on his way back to take a few pictures!

There may not be a single negative thing to be said about The Rock. Show him a little appreciation as your next Man-Crush Monday.

More commonly known as Katy, I am a senior marketing major at Framingham State University. I enjoy long walks to the dessert section of the dining commons, reading into The Wonder Years lyrics, and adding to my growing collection of All Time Low t-shirts (the current count is 26). If you need me, I'm probably napping.
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