We all have opinion, some popular and some, well, UNpopular. Whether its mixing mayo and ketchup or avoiding the carwash, here are a few of Her Camus Framingham's most unpopular opinions:

UNPOPULAR OPINION, snapchat streaks are stupid and pointless. I will go out of my way to NOT have a streak with you.

UNPOPULAR OPINION, I never really got the coffee craze, I don’t care too much for the taste. Sometimes it’s good, but I was never the person who had to have a cup of coffee every morning! And for naps, I feel like it wastes the day. I understand it’s helpful to catch up on sleep, but I feel like takes the place of when someone could be getting stuff done! -Kara

UNPOPULAR OPINION,  adding sugar in coffee ruins it. Dunkin Donuts has water flavored coffee; Starbucks is where its at. -Maria

UNPOPULAR OPINION,  I don’t get the hype about Cardi B, don’t like her personality or her music​. -Victoria

UNPOPULAR OPINION, car washes are pointless. Your car is going to get dirty again because of the mud in the winter and covered in pollen in the summer, can't we just spray it down with a hose and call it a day!? -Maria

UNPOPULAR OPINION, Chinese food is gross. -Victoria

UNPOPULAR OPINION, Coffee tastes disgusting no matter what you add to it. -Amy

UNPOPULAR OPINION, Mayonnaise is disgusting! -Savana

UNPOPULAR OPINION, The snacks from Tjmax home section is dank. -Mara