Survival Kit Reviews

This survival kit included hairsprays, eye shadow, crazy glue, sun screen and lip gloss. This is what Her Campus Framingham members thought of the package:


Bed Head’s Superstar Thickening Spray

Kate Ebrecht: I tried the thickening bedhead spray two different times. Once with wet hair and once dry. Both times it actually made my roots greasy.


Bed Head’s Get Twisted Anti-Frizz Finishing Spray

Amanda Luciano: My hair can get very frizzy when it’s not straightened, so I was excited to see we got Bed Head’s Get Twisted Anti-Frizz Finishing Spray. It actually smells really nice and I think it did help keep frizz down longer compared to other products I’ve tried or not using anything at all.


Kate Ebrecht: The get twisted spray was a huge success! It enhanced my natural waves and kept my frizz at a minimum. Not too mention it smelled great.


Almay Eyeshadow Quad in Unapologetic

Amanda Luciano: When I first saw this I could not wait to try it! The color is beautiful and I think it could work on any and all skin tones.  I attempted to swatch each finish on my arm. My first impression was that they all feel nice, they’re all soft. I swatched in the following order: matte, satin, metallic and glitter. The color payoff wasn’t exactly what I expected; it was sheerer and lighter, but still pretty! The only finish I’m not a big fan of is the glitter. It looks bright and glittery in the quad but when swatched it’s barely noticeable. I had to mix it with the others for it to even show up for a picture.


Kate Ebrecht: I like the the colors in the Almay quad I tried out. But it was hard to apply and you needed several layers to get it's true color on your eye.


Rachel Smith: I thought the eyeshadow was beautiful! I love the rose color and that it came in the matte and sparkly versions to mix and match. I don’t use makeup all that much so I went for a simple rose gold eye where I blended a taupe/gold shadow I have with the Almay Unapologetic palette. The picture I took is after a 10 hour day of wearing it and it did not crease at all. This shadow was so light on my eyes I completely forgot I had it on. The only thing was the shadow did come out with more orange tones than I was expecting so definitely plan for that when you incorporate it into your eye looks! I can’t wait to try out the other colors Almay has just come out with!


Buxom Va Va Plump

Maria Hornbaker: I’m not a huge lipstick user, however, when I do use lipstick I like the 24-hour type. When I used this lipstick, I liked how the stick made it easy to apply evenly on my lips. I was not expecting the color to be as vibrant. With my skin tone the color matched nicely. Even though the application was easy and the color suited my skin, it did not look good. The lipstick looked blotchy and dried out my lips within 30 minutes. Not only did it look like my lips were dry but when I was eating my breakfast the lipstick stained everything. It stained my coffee cup, my fork with my omelet and it even smudged my lips. When I was done with my meal I decided to get rid of my lipstick, so I tried using a napkin but that just left my lips with a weird red opacity and even more dried out. I realized then I had to use a makeup remover on my lips, even though that helped a bit I still saw some reminiscent of red lips. The lipstick is small enough to fit in your bag or in your pocket, but I feel like that way makes its difficult to find it. I would not recommend this lipstick if you don’t want to have dry lips, or your skin tone doesn’t match with a very vibrant red color.


Amanda Luciano: The Buxom Va-Va-Plump is a liquid lip unlike anything I’ve tried before. I’ve heard of lip plumping lipsticks before and that they can actually hurt, so I was nervous. I was pleasantly surprised by this! It was more cooling and tingly than what I expect from a lip plumping product. That feeling did last for a while though. The color, however, did transfer, but still looked okay after a couple hours.  I also love the color it’s in “wine me”.


Victoria Bailey: This color was very bright, but I liked it a lot. It was easy to apply and it stayed on perfectly during the few hours that I wore it. 


Rachel Smith: I loved the color of the lipstick! I think a nice berry tone really compliments my pale skin and dark hair. I felt very comfortable in it and by the end of the day I kept forgetting it was on. It comes out in a smooth liquid like the bottle says, but then dries to a really nice shiny lip. The only challenge was eating. I did realize when I was eating my lunch (a burger) and dinner (a sandwich wrap) that the lipstick would come off onto the food. I would then check my face, but the lipstick was still in place. The only thing I would recommend would be to use a lip liner pencil because I did notice some bleeding around the edges of my lips. All in all I thought it was a great statement lip for the day and would definitely try more colors!


Alba Botanica Hawaiian Sunscreen

Marissa Rousseau: Unfortunately we haven’t had a sunny day where we could try out this sunscreen. However, it is an spf 45 sunscreen with green tea, it’s water resistant for 80 minutes and it doesn’t have any oxybenzone, octinoxate or animal testing, it’s 100% natural fragrance. It smells nice, which is a plus when you need to put it all over your face. It would be great for the summer going to the beach and spending time outside!


Krazy Glue

Marissa Rousseau: This krazy glue can come in handy for fixing all sorts of things! I had a piece of my laptop case break off and I used this glue to stick it back on and it’s worked great! I even used it to glue one of my ceramic pieces back together that broke in the kiln. You can rely on this strong glue to hold any of your broken possessions together!