Summer Survival Kit

Bed Head TIGI- “Oh Bee Hive” Matte Dry Shampoo

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Maria Hornbaker: The last time I used a dry shampoo the effect wasn’t great. When I sprayed my hair, the spray left my hair with white streaks. Since then I haven’t used dry shampoo. However, when I used this spray, the effect was so different, my hair was clean, and it smelled so good. My hair looked so clean, even after sweating all day and it wasn’t even styled. The hairspray does stiffen the hair; I believe that’s where the matte effect takes place. I also like the bottle, its yellow and easy to hold. I used this hair spray for a nice event that I was going to and it lasted the day, but I did have to wash my hair the next day.


Amanda Luciano: I love this! The product smells great and made my unwashed hair look great!


Bed Head TIGI- “Beach Freak” Moisturizing Detangler Spray & “Beach Me” Wave Defining Gel Mist

Amanda Luciano: This product smells so good and makes styling hair much easier. I can’t wait to bring this to the beach with me!


Freeman Sweet Tea and Lemon Clay Mask & Charcoal and Black Sugar Mud Mask

Victoria Bailey: Sweet tea and lemon peel off facemask - I did not have a good experience with this facemask. It was very messy to apply and got everywhere. I don't know if I didn't spread it on evenly, but after 15 minutes some of it was dried while other parts were still wet when I tried to peel it off. The dry parts were also very difficult to peel off and it hurt pretty badly.


Mary Elizabeth Gallagher: This product left my face refreshed and glowing. It also smells great!


Amanda Luciano: I tried this peel off face mask because a) I’ve never done a clay mask before and b) I wanted to relax with a face mask. So I tried it out and managed to persuade my boyfriend to try one as well. It was a little messy to apply and take off, but it left my skin feeling moisturized and soft! I’d for sure try it again!


Rachel Smith: This mask went on super smooth and smelled really good! It left my face feeling refreshed and nice and soft. I will definitely be using it again!

Buxom Plumping Lip Polish

Victoria Bailey: I don't know if it was meant to be subtle, but this color was the same color as my lips, so it didn't really do much except give them a shiny look. It also made my lips feel a little weird, like they were cold. It wasn't my favorite, but if you're just looking for shine then it wasn't bad. 


Mary Elizabeth Gallagher: The color on the packaging looked amazing and promised a lip plumping experience. However, what I got was a clear lip gloss like color and consistency and tingly lips.


Amanda Luciano: Right when I applied the gloss the tingle of the plumping hit my lips. It didn’t hurt at all, but it did feel like I put mild hot sauce on my lips. I’ll wear this again because I think it’s really pretty and great to bring with me on the go!


Marissa Rousseau: I don’t use make up very often, so I tried this out when I got dressed up for a nice dinner. I was sort of disappointed though, because I was expecting it to be noticeable, but instead my lips looked shinny. However, I do think that it is good for anyone who wants something subtle. And if you try it and your lips start to feel weird, know that it’s normal. My lips started to feel hot and I got nervous that something was wrong at first.


Quattro Razors

Victoria Bailey: I've been using this brand of razors for the past 5 years or so, and I love it. When I shave my legs in the shower I don't use shaving cream and these razors still leave my legs smooth with no cuts or bumps. If you're looking for a quality razor brand that won't give you razor burn I highly recommend Quattro. 


Skintimate 2 in 1 Shave cream & Skin Conditioner

Marissa Rousseau: This shaving cream works really well; I especially like how it’s a skin conditioner as well. It has 24-hour moisture for your skin and its scented coconut silk, which smells really good!


Krazy Glue

Mary Elizabeth Gallagher: Krazy glue is amazing to have around your house or dorm. It’s perfect for repairs and crafts. It holds strong and does the job well. However, I have to say I despise the ‘single use’ package, because it is an incredible waste of packaging and awful for the environment. Reduce waste and probably save money by buying the regular size.


Rachel Smith: My combat boots have been in bad shape for a while and I had a dance show coming up that I needed them for every dance. I used Krazy Glue on the sole to hold them together, held it for 30 seconds, and they were good to go! It was so helpful in a pinch!