Summer Survival Kit

Finals are here and the semester is just about over. Whether you looking forward to traveling, the beach, or work these items can help you get through those long summer days and nights. Check out some of our favorite things for this year’s summer survival kit!

Amanda Luciano

The Vera Bradley beach towel is so pretty and just perfect for hitting the beach or pool this summer. Made out of 100% combed cotton, the towel is soft and a great way to dry off. Cute double sided key chains are always good to have and it’s made out of PVC cotton. The key ring is detachable, too. Adorable accordion wallets are small enough to carry in a purse or backpack for any trip, while still being able to fit all of your necessities. Store up to twelve cards, cash, change, your phone and an id all in one! Finally, the campus double id is a great way to get an early start for next semester or just to have for the summer. It features two id windows and a convenient place to keep spare change. The best part? Vera Bradley products come in a variety of different patterns and styles!

Hannah Lavin

Full disclosure, I don't shave my legs often. I'm too lazy and it's usually not worth it to me. But I had a date and I wanted to impress him so naturally instead of brushing up on my conversational skills, I shaved my legs. The shaving cream worked really well and smells amazing. I love how my skin feels softer afterwards as well.

Rachel Smith

So I tried the Monthly Gift sample size box and thought it was great! The box is plain black and very discrete with black writing so it would be great if you do not like buying pads or tampons. This sample box was helpful because it had three sizes of tampon to choose from which were light, regular, and super. On the website you can synch the delivery of these boxes to arrive a couple days before your period starts! You can also subscribe to a bigger box with chocolate and little pads inside. I think this option of ordering a custom package like this is a perfect option for a lot of women out there!

Erin Lally

CamelBaks are easily one of the most popular water bottles used by college students; in every class there is at least one on someone’s desk, often adorned with different stickers or a campus logo.  Cappy, a sophomore from Framingham State University, says she likes she likes her Camelbak because, “it keeps the water sealed inside and it looks cooler honestly”.  Not only are the water bottles appreciated for their style, but they also have had a positive effect on college student’s drinking habits.  Anne, a senior from Northeastern University, says using a Camelbak had increased her drinking habit: “It’s fun to drink out of, so I find myself drinking a lot more water throughout the day because I enjoy using it”.  Camelbak’s new water bottle, the Forge Divide Travel Mug, is designed to further the popularity and usage of Camelbak products.  Still available in different colors, this new Camelbak can now hold hot drinks like coffee and tea.  Personally, I am excited to try out this new take on the popular product and am ensured it will be worth the investment.

Need some stuff to help you survive the summer heat and lazy days on the beach? Try any one of these products. Thank you to HC and others for letting us test out these products. Enjoy your vacation Framingham!