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Spring Break Survival Kit 2017 Reviews

Her Campus Framingham was lucky enought to test out some products that are perfect for Spring Break and for when we return back to school! We got quite a few products, but here are our top three favorites!

Serena had this to say about one of our products: “One of the products we revied here at HCFramingham was Pssssst! dry shampoo and I have to say, finally! Not only did we get fun little travel sized bottles for those on-the-go touch ups it doesn’t smell gross like most dry shampoos do. It sure does the trick when I’m running to those 8:30AM classes!”

Next up was a little product that we found very interesting! “I used the sample of the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipstick. I liked the color (*side note: I don’t think it says the color name on the sample, the only thing it says it Hot Lips and I don’t think that’s the color*) but I found that the application process wasn’t the easiest. But after managing to get it evenly coated, I liked how it looked and the brightness of it,” said one of our writers, Victoria.

Katy gave some fabulous imput about her favorite product:

“Bright, beautiful, organized; Erin Condren planners are that and more. If you frequent Pinterest, you may already know about the Erin Condren line of planners and planner accessories. The planner line features Teacher’s Lesson Planners, Deluxe Monthly Planners, Academic Planners, Wedding Planners, and the infamous LifePlanner. If you are looking to truly get your life on track, treat yourself and invest in an Erin Condren LifePlanner.

On the website, the LifePlanner is described as “the agenda YOU want it to be. It’s the schedule for your life,” and that is exactly what it does. LifePlanners are fully customizable, from the layout (vertical, horizontal, hourly), the color theme (neutral or colorful), the coil color (platinum, rose gold, gold, or black), to the interchangeable covers.

I’ve had my LifePlanner since December and I absolutely love it. I’ll admit, the high price tag scared me at first. I was afraid of paying so much for a stack of paper that I may not be able to commit to and would go to waste. However, last year I had the Happy Planner, a very similar planning system to the Erin Condren, and I was too eager to make the leap to the real thing. I took advantage of a sale in December and finally made the switch for my last semester of college.

For my LifePlanner, I went with the vertical, colorful weekly layout and a cover I customized the colors of myself. I also went ahead and purchased a Plan for It Pouch to hold some of the stickers I intended to use in my planner.

Easily the best thing about the LifePlanner is how customizable it is; not just when you design your own to purchase, but once you get it as well. Since so many other people have embraced the LifePlanner, you can find inspiration for using yours all over Pinterest, and supplies to do so all over Etsy. From suggestions of markers and pens to monthly sticker layouts, to cute reminder stickers to pay your rent, there is everything you could ever imagine to truly make your LifePlanner your own. Whichever layout you choose, it is easy to color code, add post-its, or go sticker crazy until everything is just right.

Before taking the leap and investing in a LifePlanner of your own, though, I suggest doing your research. Decide whether you can truly commit to using the planner so you don’t feel as though your money went to waste. Weigh your layout options; do you need to have every hour of your day planned out, or does the idea of breaking the day up into morning, afternoon, and night better suit your lifestyle? Browse through the cover options and other accessories, and check out Pinterest and Etsy too! Get an idea of what you can do with this planner and how it can help you to truly organize your life.”

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