SPOILER ALERT!!!! Jane the Virgin

Jane Villanueva believes she is going to get a proposal, but instead she ends up finding out something that will change absolutely everything that has happened in the past few years. Jane is a widow. Her husband Michael Cordero Jr. tragically died during the LSAT’s due to a side effect from a previous gunshot wound. Jane’s whole life has changed since that day. As time goes on, she learns how to move on, without forgetting who he is. Jane arrives at Rafael’s apartment and as the door opens and she walks in, she sees the one person that she thought she lost forever standing in the corner. Michael Cordero Jr. turns around to face Jane. Just when you want more answers, the season ends. So where has Michael been this whole time? Is this really him? Many contemplated whether this was him or not. The producer has confirmed that this is Michael and not an evil twin of some sort. Here are some theories as to what happened.

Theory 1:

Rose, also known as Sin Rostro the crime lord, held Michael hostage. It wouldn't be the first time she’s done something this extreme. Rose has many connections and I would never underestimate her ability to get ahold of Michael, even if she was in prison. Once Michael “died” at his LSAT test, he would have been taken to the hospital. The last time Rose was involved at a hospital, she kidnapped Jane’s son, Mateo. Once Michael arrived at the hospital, I can only imagine that Rose was able to have someone, maybe even herself keep tabs on Michael and eventually kidnap him and held him hostage for all of these years. But why? I don’t know for sure. Maybe it was because Michael used to be a detective/cop and was trying to track Sin Rostro and take her down. After all, Rose did disguise as Michael’s partner and saw all of the progress he was making towards that case.

Theory 2:

Michael loved his job. He was a great detective. Did he love his job so much that he faked his own death to go undercover and finish the case he thought he was going to be able to crack? Jane was not there for his death and only received a phone call about it, so it’s possible that he could have faked it to go back to his job undercover. Would Jane ever be able to forgive him for putting her through so much pain?

Theory 3:

Many characters were introduced in season 3, such as Rafael’s girlfriend Abbey, as well as his private investigator Elvis. Is it possible for these characters to be an undercover Michael? Did Michael disguise himself as these characters to get more information? What about Michael’s partner Dennis? Remember when Dennis searched through Michael’s old files? Was this for Michael? Could he have been in on this the whole time?


So what do you think? Could one of these theories be true? Are there more possibilities? Given the history of the show's storyline, anything is possible…