Senior Year: Expectations vs Reality

There is a lot of hype over the first three years of college about being a senior. Being a college senior means being an actual adult! It meant legally going to bars, preparing for the “real world”, and just being a cool college senior. However, when you become a senior you come to realize your expectations about your senior year of college are not exactly correct. Let’s take a look on what we got wrong as underclassmen about upperclassmen.


Expectations: Job offers everywhere

Reality: Getting a job is a lot harder than one would think, especially in your desired field. It’s a lot more of sending out resumes and networking and getting few responses. The job hunt takes up a good portion of your senior year. At least there are unpaid internships.

Expectation: Going out more

Reality: Just because you’re over 21 in college does not mean you’ll be bar hopping every weekend. There will be times you’re stuck in the library until it closes to finish your assignments or edit your resume and cover letters. Your internship or job may be keeping you late, too. It feels like there’s even more FOMO senior year.


Expectation: Easy (or eassier) classes

Reality: Nope. You may have been saving up your electives or been putting off your lab requirement, but no matter what, classes in college are not easy. There are still stressful group projects, tests, and tough professors.


Expectation: Enjoying and living in the moment

Reality: Not quite. Remember when we said searching for a job takes up a lot of time? Well it’s also extremely stressful. Many college seniors have found it’s difficult to enjoy the moment when they are worried about the future and feel they have to keep thinking ahead.


Let’s all hope we make it through our last year, seniors! But, really, try to enjoy this year!