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School’s Out! (Almost): 7 Things to Look Forward to this Summer Season

The snow has melted and the air has finally begun to warm up, soon we will be able to get out and enjoy the sun! Summer is approaching and there are so many fun activities that take place in the season! Here are just a few things that I am looking forward to this summer:


1. Enjoying outside I love going outside and enjoying some nice weather, and after being cooped up inside for some long winter months I am really excited to go outside again! I love hiking and exploring, and warm weather always makes these activities much more enjoyable. I am really looking forward to being able to go outside without feeling like I am going to freeze my butt off!


2. Going to the beach The beach is always a favorite summer activity! Everyone loves going to relax on the beach and enjoy a little dip in the water. It’s always fun to adventure and try visiting some beaches that you’ve never been to. I personally love swimming and I am looking forward to going to the beach!


3. Concert season This has got to be my favorite activity of the summer; I so look forward to going to outdoor concerts on warm summer nights! Before the season starts I stock up on concert tickets, as every concert fanatic does, and spend the summer looking forward to all of the shows!


4. Shorts/dresses

Take off those pants and throw them in the closet, its shorts season! I’m sure we all look forward to packing away our jeans for the summer and letting our legs breathe a bit. And for those who love dresses, it’s also dress season! Feel comfortable and enjoy wearing your dresses without the need for tights or sweaters.


5. Fruit pickingOne summer activity I really enjoy is going to some local farms and going fruit picking! It’s a great, fun activity that anyone can enjoy on a nice day. Plus, you get to leave with some juicy fruit, which always tastes great in season. Last summer I went strawberry and peach picking, and I have to say they were the best strawberries and peaches I’ve ever had!


6. Day trips

When you have a day off, summer is a great time to go on some day trips to places you enjoy or have never been to! Take a trip to Boston for the day or anywhere you can think of! If you haven’t been and have the time, I highly suggest stopping by Newport, Rhode Island this summer! It’s a beautiful town with many cool sights to see and beaches making it a great summer day trip!


7. Ice creamIt’s ice cream season! Even if you eat ice cream year round, now you can enjoy it without feeling freezing after! Go enjoy a nice chilled treat on a hot day at your favorite ice cream place with your favorite flavors!

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