Pros and Cons of Being a Graduating Senior

Final stretch seniors! We only have one more week of classes then finals and we are free from college! Now we are all feeling a lot of emotions at this time, so I’ve put together a list of some highs and lows of being a graduating senior.


Pro: No more homework and a lot more free time

If you are moving on from college to a job, hopefully you will not have too much to do at home, giving you a lot more free time than you had during your college years!


Con: Nothing to do with your free time

If you are so used to being busy it might feel weird when you actually start to have some free time and you might get bored if you can’t find things to do. This can be a good time to find some hobbies to get into!


Pro: No longer have to eat the cafeteria food anymore

I know we are all looking forward to leaving the same old cafeteria food we have been sick of eating for the past four years.


Con: Having to cook for yourself

Although we look forward to no longer eating what dinning services have made for us, we are going to have to learn how to cook for ourselves. And unless you can stomach ramen four days a week, it means we are going to have to learn to actually cook real food.


Pro: Not having to see certain people anymore

We all have some relationships that went sour over the years, and sometimes it’s not always fun to see them around campus, but after graduation it’s even less likely that you’ll run into them!


Cons: You and you’re friends won’t see each other as often

When we graduate we all go off to do our own thing, which can be heart breaking when you and your friends go your separate ways. We can always try to keep in touch, but we know it’s never going to be as fun as it was when we were all living around campus together.


Pro: Accomplishing graduating from college

Congratulations seniors! You’ve made it after years and years of hard work, blood, sweat and tears. It is a huge accomplishment to graduate from college and you should give yourself some credit. You’ve worked hard to achieve that diploma!


Cons: Having to enter the real worldEveryone is always talking about how much the real world sucks, and I’m sure we will all have times where we will agree. The real world can be very intimidating to a student coming right out of college, but remember that you can handle whatever comes your way. Just remember that life is what you make it and if there is something you do not like in your life don’t be afraid to change it!