Perks of Enjoying Simple Coffee Orders

To me, a simple coffee order consists of hot (I guess iced coffee too) coffee with either/both milk and sugar. All the flavors and pumps and frozen and half this half that has serious downsides. Take a look at the benefits of enjoying the simpler coffee orders in life…


1.Your order is the first one done.

“Small hot coffee with milk, please.” The barista pours the coffee. Pours the milk. Hands me my coffee and I get to walk away from everyone waiting for the double half caf caramel swirl iced cappuccino with whipped cream on top at the pick up end of the coffeeshop.

Which leads me to #2…


2. A simple order has less sugar and less calories

Average calories of a sugary syrup filled frozen coffee lies between 400-600 calories. Regular coffee: 5-20 calories.


3.Simple orders cost less money

Hot coffee, no extras: $1.89-$2.89. Specialty drinks only served at high end cafes: $4-$6. These coffee excursions add up.


4. I can make it myself.

I don’t need caramel syrup, whipped cream, or a blender to make my coffee. I just pop in a K-cup, or a filter and coffee grounds, and I’m ready for a cozy Saturday morning in my PJs.

5. It’s way tastier! ​

Finally, I drink plain coffee because it tastes so much better and is so much more enjoyable!