Our First Concerts

I think we can all agree concerts are an incredible experience. It does not matter if it’s a tiny local venue or a stadium tour, there’s something magical about a group of fans enjoying music together; dancing, singing along, and watching a favorite artist. And the first concert is the most incredible concert experience. At Her Campus Framingham we’ve looked back on our first concerts and what they meant to us!

“My first concert was Jesse McCartney when I was in middle school. It was around the time of his third album, Departure, and I went with my bug sister and her best friend. This first show meant a lot to me and it still does. This was the first show of so many concerts my sister and I have been to together; concerts are such a special experience for the two of us and this one was the start of it all.” - Amanda

“My first concert was Bon Jovi and I think I was around 13. I went with my mom and we were all the way in the nosebleeds of the balcony. This concert meant a lot to me, because it was the start of my growing love for concerts. Since then I've been to at least like 30 more, it's like my little hobby, and I'm glad I started it with a musician as awesome as Bon Jovi!” – Marissa

“My first real concert was when I was 16. My sister got us tickets to see Avicii at the TD Garden. I had a lot of fun however was overwhelmed by the extremely drunk people. I wondered why these people needed to be drunk to have fun. Regardless I had so much fun singing along. My favorite song to this day is still ‘Wake Me Up’.” – Mary Elizabeth

“Mine was Justin Bieber when I was 12! It was at the times union center in Albany, NY. I went with one of my best friends at the time, my sister, her best friend, and my dad. Our seats were pretty far away from the stage but I didn’t care, I was just happy to be there! It was the best night for 12 year old me and it’s what got me hooked on going to concerts. I still have my T-shirt that I bought at the concert even though it’s way too small for me now; it’s the souvenir that counts!” – Victoria

“At 18 I went to see Spoon, an alternative group, at the House of Blues (Boston) with one of my very close friends Lorrè. That night made us so close and I got to see a band I'd been listening to since I was 13. We actually got stuck in Fenway with our dead cellphones and had a bit of an adventure getting back to my apartment.” - Kate

What was your first concert?