Meeting The Rider Strong (Short Story)

Imagine you meet Rider Strong for the first time, you bump into him on the street and you say...

You: Do you know who you are?! You're Rider Strong! I'm a big fan, I'm huge! Do superstars have any special powers? Like can you read what I'm thinking?

Rider: Yes

You: I'm really sorry

Rider: About what?

You: Oh nothing, I was just trying to re-enact the scene from Boy Meets World where Shawn meets Rebecca Alexa in Cory's living room.

Rider: Oh yeah, I remember that scene. That's the one where Eric gets a date with supermodel, Rebecca Alexa on New Years Eve.

You: Yeah, Rebecca Alexa the jeans girl.

He looks at your shirt and notices that you're wearing a Boy Meets World shirt.

Rider: So you're a big fan of Boy Meets World?

You: Yeah, but I also watch your movies.

Rider: That's cool, it's nice to meet someone who knows me as more than just Shawn Hunter. Haha (he smiles)

You: Yeah, I love you so much! Can you sign my shirt!

You take a black sharpie out of your mini backpack and hand it to him.

Rider: Of course

He signs the bottom of your shirt and draws a smiley face and a heart. The smiley face kinda looks like a penis with eyes, but you think it's cute.

You: Thank you so much, I love you too!

You hug him and then you ask him if you could have a kiss on the cheek. He kisses you on the cheek and then you give him a kiss on the cheek. You guys hug for a while and you're about to end the hug, but he makes the hug longer. And you're like "yes daddy!" but you don't say that out loud.

(I say daddy as a joke btw, I don't actually call him that)