Meet Maria Hornbaker

Maria Hornbaker (hates being called Marie) Maria was born on New Years Day, January 1, 1997. She is a Capricorn. She was born in Ecuador. She is a senior at Framingham State University. Maria has one sister named Karina, who is three years older than her. She has a border collie named Melody. Maria’s dream career is being an executive consultant or a consultant assistant, but she also believes that you shouldn’t limit yourself to one dream career because you have so many possibilities. Maria is passionate about self expression, she believes that everyone should be free to say what they want. Her greatest fear is drowning.


Her favorite tv show is Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Her celebrity crush is Idris Elba. Her favorite singer is Bazzi. Maria describes her fashion sense as cute and casual. Her favorite things to wear are fitted tops, high rise jeans, and sneakers. Her favorite clothing brand is Urban Outfitters. Her favorite color is green. One of her favorite Disney movies is Freak Friday. Her dream pet is a pug named after some kind of food like Dumpling or Rollo. Her future children would be two boys named Tom and Jake. Her favorite movie is War of the Planet of the Apes. One of her greatest memories is her trip to Los Angeles, where she went hiking with her sister and they climbed from the bottom of the Griffith Observatory to the top.