A Letter to my Siblings

Being the oldest of 3 younger siblings is a bigger responsibility than you think. I’m practically a third parent and it's hard to be a role model like Mom and Dad. I never was the girl to show my affection towards you guys and now that I’m grown up, I realized I should’ve done it more often.

Moving away from college made me realize that I miss you guys and that I do love annoying you every minute I can. I may be mean, but I hope you guys know it's out of love. I want to be the big sister that you guys look up to and be the role model for all of you. I know we have our differences, but we are family and that means I must love you guys.;)

I know I’m not far away while I’m at college, but I am far enough where I can’t be there everyday to see you guys grow up to be your own person. I wish we could all be there for each other and help each other grow. I want to be the big sister that you can tell secrets to that you don’t want to tell Mom or Dad. Trust me, I’ll keep your secrets because I never had the older sibling to call! You all have my number and know how to use a phone so don’t be afraid….

All 3 of you need to stop growing up so fast. Samantha you need to stop being so smart, I can’t believe you are already looking at colleges. No matter where you end up going, you're going to thrive and have the best time of your life. If you go 30 miles away from home or 300 miles away from home, I’m still one call away.

Caitlyn and Zach, you need to go back to elementary school!! No way are you guys already in the high school and 2 years away from driving…. It’s not okay that you guys are growing up so fast. Anyways, enjoy high school while you can because the next 4 years will go by so fast and you’ll want to go back to it. As I said before secrets will be held between you and me :)

Anyways, I hope all 3 of you appreciate me as much as I appreciate you. I wouldn’t trade any of you for anything else. I hope I am and will continue to be a good big sister and role model for you guys. Please if you guys want to talk to anyone my ears are here to listen. If you think it's stupid, and I don’t want to hear about it you’re wrong. I can’t physically be there for you guys while you're growing up, but any phone call will make me feel like I’m there with you.

I love you guys and stop growing up so fast. <3

-Your Big Sister