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Let’s Go Shopping!

As everyone else like me can probably relate, I am that girl that has a closet and dresser full of clothes and shoes but can’t find anything to wear. Sometimes going out with friends or family requires taking several shirts off the hangers and trying each one on leaving behind a mess to deal with later. After trying on a few different pairs of pants, I have a good outfit that I’m happy with. However, when I finally find the right outfit, I don’t have the right shoes to complete the outfit. Sometimes I just say screw it and go with whatever I have on. By that point I have given myself very little time to fix up my hair and put some simple make up on and choose a few accessories.

To give a little background, I was never like this growing up, even through my earlier years of high school. When someone asked me to go somewhere I would just get up and go. Sometimes my mom would say, in a little bit of shocking way, “You’re wearing that to dinner?!?!” So, I would go back to my room, change in something quick and fix my hair real fast.

But here we are years later and every time I go to get ready to leave the house or my dorm room, I feel like I have nothing to wear! For anyone who has seen my closet, they might say otherwise. I started to gain more of an interest in shopping over the past few years and now my closet is filled with options.

Part of the problem I have with trying to pick out outfits is not knowing how to put together an outfit. I rely on my friends or my mom saying, “Oh that looks cute” or “I love it, wear that!”. I have found a solution to this problem and it is Pinterest! I follow various fashion bloggers and feel inspired by their outfit creations. Some of them even share where they bought the clothes from which is a helpful tip. So, when I have some free time I scroll through pictures on Pinterest and save some to look back at when I’m picking out an outfit.

If you can relate to this, then check out my boards on Pinterest!






Rachel Davis

Framingham '19

Hi I'm Rachel, a senior at Framingham State University. My major is Communication Arts and I have a minor in Marketing. I am currently seeking to develop a career in the advertising and social media marketing industry. I love going on Pinterest, practicing mindfulness, eating good food, hanging out with friends, doing outdoor activities, going on road trips, traveling to new places, and taking beautiful photos!
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