Last First Day

Getting ready for this semester to start was bittersweet. I'm excited to graduate and excited to get my life going, but I won't be able to experience something like this again.

Sure, I have the option of graduate school, but that's just going to campus to go to class and then leave. Right now is the last of staying late on campus to see friends. It's the last of going to campus events. Being a commuter, it's the last chance I get to be annoyed waking up at a certain time to be at class on time and hearing a resident with a two minute walk explain why they're late. It's the last of a lot of things.

However, it's also the last of stressing about due dates. It's the last of trying to find a seat in a class you need to graduate. for me it'll be the last time I work part time, because the dream is to go full time and make that money.

Life is so exciting because we never know what's about to happen. Even while I contemplate my upcoming last firsts, the universe is conjuring an experience that will invigorate me more.